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Technogym wins the Compasso D'Oro with SKILLMILL

SKILLMILL by Technogym - the only non-motorised product that combines power, speed, stamina and agility training – has been awarded the prestigious ADI Compasso d'Oro Award, the oldest and most influential international design award.
The 2018 edition recognised the best excellence of Italian design, from interior design to cars, from technological materials and systems to fitness products that stand out worldwide for their innovation and performance.

The 2017 edition of the Award, entitled “Sport – Performance and Innovation”, recognised the ten best products in the sport sector worldwide for their innovation and performance.

With Skillmill, you power your own workout

The award Compasso d'Oro ADI dates back to 1954. Today it is the oldest and most authoritative design award in the world.

ADI’s - Industrial Design Association - international committee has chosen SKILLMILL for its innovative design, attention to ergonomics and ease of use.
This new award joins the Technogym Palmarès, which includes 3 Compasso D'oro Awards, 13 Red Dot Design Awards, 5 Good Design Awards and 3 iF awards.

SKILLMILL, designed by Technogym’s Style Department, has been created to offer an innovative training solution for sports professionals and for enthusiasts who dedicate themselves every day to fitness and improving athletic performance. SKILLMILL allows users to experience the full speed-resistance spectrum from resistance-free running to an all-out sled push.
SKILLMILL is capable of training all the body’s energy systems in a single solution, from sprinting to power development, for efficient metabolic conditioning; it is fully integrated within mywellness, the Technogym cloud-based training platform. This solution includes a variety of training programs and tools, to offer users training guidance, to monitor and track their results.
As Official Supplier to 7 Olympic Games and partner to the world’s best performing teams and athletes, Technogym has gained first-hand experience in the training methods and requirements of elite athletes. This experience is fundamental in the SKILLATHLETIC TRAINING a completely new training discipline developed by Technogym in the creation of SKILLMILL, which guarantees to expand work capacity, enhance abilities and ensure full safety.

Beneficial effects of design

The Compasso d'Oro Award is assigned by a commission made up of experts, critics, journalists, designers, historians and ADI members involved in collecting and evaluating the best products created every year.
The collection has been defined of exceptional artistic and historical interest by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, recognizing the  Collezione Storica del Premio Compasso d'Oro ADI in the cultural heritage.

Being surrounded by design promotes a positive and proactive environment.

This is what Stanford's Design Thinking Theory says. Methodology that is based on focusing relationships on sharinginteraction and well-being between people and the surrounding environment.
In addition, being surrounded by sophisticated, design environments, tidy and comfortable for the mind, as well as for the body, has beneficial effects on productivity, wellness and creativity.

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