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Technogym and Befancyfit: SKILLTOOLS training at Garage Italia

Within the walls of Garage Italia in Milan, Cristina Marino, actress and founder of Befancyfit, a blog in which she talks about life, gives advice about fitness and lifestyle and is the promoter of a training class reserved for personalities related to the world of fashion and lifestyle. Technogym's SKILLTOOLS KIT have been chosen for the training sessions and are the set of tools designed to support and refine any type of training. The SKILLTOOLS accessories act as the perfect training support for any exercise aimed at developing working ability and improving overall fitness skills. At the end of a training session we had the opportunity to talk to her and get to know her better and learn more about it on her blog.

Fitness as a lifestyle

Since childhood, her family educated Cristina in sport: she practiced tennis, swimming, skiing and dancing. In adulthood she stopped dancing because of physical problems and that's why she found an alternative. Fitness became her daily way of life. Befancyfit was born from the passion for fitness in the absolute sense and the name be-fancy-fit itself, the message of the blog, means that you can be fit without making it become an obsession, but a real lifestyle. And Cristina decided to share this passion by organizing the class in Milan.
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How was the first class of Befancyfit?

The first class in Milan was a teaser and featured a number of popular influencers that i know. In the future the classes will be with the followers of my blog. Face-to-face training allows you to learn more about who you are training and above all makes it possible to share the experience. However, my aim is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles. Thanks to Technogym we had the opportunity to have very useful tools available for the class I was planning to do, which included, like all my training sessions, exercises that involved not a single muscle group but the whole body.

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