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This hotel will destroy itself: new trends in luxury travel

Have you always wanted to sleep in the middle of the Sahara desert? Do you want to spend the night in the utmost comfort between the ices of the Arctic Circle, or between the luxuriant vegetation of the Amazonian forest? With a project called Blink - winner of the prestigious Best Innovation in Travel Award at the Globe Travel Awards - the Black Tomato chain promises to realise your dream of a perfect holiday anywhere in the world, setting up special pop-up facilities, ready to be dismantled once your experience is complete. Here's how the most innovative travel concept works for the luxury hotel market, currently available on the market.

If we believe that luxury consists of the possibility to enjoy the rarest and most exclusive objects or experiences as possible, how can someone reach their peak in the hotel industry and travel companies?

The question is answered by Black Tomato, a chain specialized in super luxury and tailor-made experiences, which today, offers the possibility to set up personalized accommodation anywhere in the world and then dismantle them after the trip has ended.
Blink is a travel service that allows you to design your own luxury pop-up dwelling in the remote, wild and uninhabited corner you prefer, whether it's a very refined safari-style tent on the Mekong River, a yurt in the Mongolian steppe or a dome in the desert of salt on the Bolivian Uyuni plateau. And by carefully choosing every single detail, from the roof, to the bed, cutlery, carpets, to the daily activities - including yoga instructor - to the catering service, local or starry, or to the possible presence of living room tents or a separate kitchen. If you want, you could decide to have a large hot tub in the middle of the Sahara or to have a snack prepared by a Michelin-starred chef among the ice of the Arctic polar circle.
To get started, simply fill out an online form with the first basic information about the location and type of environment you choose and then be contacted by a representative of the Black Tomato team who will recommend the most suitable facilities, whether it's a romantic and minimal tent for two or a well-equipped camp for larger families. Modeling every single detail according to your tastes and needs will then be the most enjoyable part.
What could be the most intimate and personalised travel experience proposed to date, it’s designed so as not to be experienced by anyone other than those who imagined it.

"Blink and you’ll miss it"
Is the slogan of the travel service that has just won the prestigious Best Innovation in Travel award at the Globe Travel Awards.
In the era of mass tourism and hyper low-cost travel offers, all-inclusive Chinese souvenirs instead of the local handicraft product, Black Tomato brings luxury back to its highest and most inaccessible size (also economically, considering that some of the proposed options cost €23,000 per person), ensuring the “once in a lifetime” aspect of an experience which is tailored specifically for each individual guest.
In fact, however luxurious it may be, the authenticity of the stay experience is indispensable for the company - and in part also the adventure component, according to what the enthusiasm and competence of the three founders of Black Tomato, Tom Marchant, James Merrett and Matt Smith suggest, who spent many years travelling from one side of the world to the other before founding the company, a decade ago.
This year, in addition to Blink, the company also offered another innovative service, Drone the World: not less than the possibility of hiring an expert operator of drones who, not only follows the clients in their adventures freeing them from the burden of having to promptly photograph unexpected details, but is also able to recommend the most suitable destinations for that kind of reportage, taking care to deliver, on the return, a careful featurette of the entire trip.
But not even the historical and practical aspect has been overlooked: in 2017 Black Tomato decided to propose an itinerary between two historic distilleries of Kentucky and Tennessee, Stitzel-Weller and Cascade Hollow, which host respectively Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Experience and George Dickel Tennessee Whisky.
As Marchant himself recounted, on the pages of Forbes, the company is convinced that getting a taste of authentic craftsmanship and the excellence of local products is the best way to get to know a place.
“There's nothing better than getting in touch with stories and real people to inspire us and awaken our sense of adventure and cultural curiosity," he said.
In addition to exclusive access to these historic sites, Black Tomato customers were able to enjoy a masterclass in bourbon followed by a private tasting with an on-site whisky expert from Stitzel-Weller, a distillation experience, a private barbecue with a grill and smoking master and a writing session and recording of songs with Grammy's winning authors.
A stereotype, that of idler luxury, which Black Tomato has helped to change for some years, thanks to the launch of Epic Tomato, today an independent brand, able to provide its customers with a real "collection" of adventures to choose from: really extreme territories and conditions, some of the least explored destinations in the world and the need to challenge themselves using a team of experts able to guarantee, without affecting the epoxy of the trip, that everything happens in total safety and that the physical effort required is appropriate to the capacity of the guest. You can opt for a nine-day trek on the highest mountain in Namibia, on the Skeleton Coast, or through the rainforests of Borneo, for a 14-day Antarctic expedition with skis and sleds through the White Desert, or even for a 12-day kayak trip along the White Nile to Uganda.
In any case, nothing is further away from the sofa, for the most demanding travellers of today.

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