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The best spots to surf according to champions

by Gabriele Ferraresi / LUZ
Born in Genoa, now 30 years old, Ludovica Robaudo is a surfer and model with a past as a ballet dancer. Divided between the waves and the fashion world, she has ridden the sea well or badly all over the world, from Liguria to California to the Maldives Islands.
Ready to dive into the sea
Ludovica Robaudo is the right person to tell us the key moments of a unique water sport, which allows an intimate relationship with nature that is hard to find elsewhere. "When did I start surfing? Good or bad I've always been on the board, but before I was serious about surfing, I did ballet for 18 years. Around the age of 23, I started surfing regularly again - Ludovica Robaudo remembers - living in Liguria at every storm I put my board under my arm and went to chase the waves between East and West. Then? Then I moved around the world.

The life of Ludovica Robaudo

Ludovica Robaudo is a globetrotter of surf who dances on the waves with her board, wandering around the seven seas: I've had the good fortune to travel a lot, things have led me to travel to many places: Panama, Costa Rica, Maldives, Jamaica, United States... a good part of my life I have spent on a surfboard!". So, you can tell us the secret: where is the best place to surf?

"Living in Liguria at every sea storm, I put my board under my arm and went surfing between East and West. Then what? Then I moved around the world". Ludovica Robaudo

For me, the Maldives is a surfer's paradise. The waves are perfect to surf, drawn, and also thanks to the coral reef they "break" perfectly always in the same way, but then it is the whole context that is dreamlike: the crystal clear water, the heat, the corals, the coloured fish ... also the waves are beautifully steep and have a very high quality. They're the most beautiful place I've been to surf, she concludes.
Surfer re-emerges after riding a wave
What's going through the heads of a surfer like Ludovica Robaudo in those moments? The take-off is definitely the most beautiful moment: when you stand on the board and feel that the wave takes you, you become one with the water. It's a mix of sensations that make you feel alive, there's really everything involved, adrenaline, happiness, fear. And it's a bit like that the "drug" of surfing that keeps me alive, it's something I could never give up, for me it's the most beautiful feeling in the world.

"In surfing, the most important moment, the moment you don't forget, is the takeoff, when you stand on the board and start to slip into the wave". Ludovica Robaudo

Being a surf enthusiast, however, also means going in search of the rough sea. To find it touring the world undoubtedly helps, but not necessarily: because according to Ludovica Robaudo you can find the perfect spot in both the Mediterranean and the ocean: Unforgettable waves? I took one in the north of Sardinia a couple of years ago during a storm, I was with my friends on the surf in the water, it gave me a good blow! If not, another one that has remained in my heart is in California - I often go there because part of my family lives there - and the waves of Santa Cruz at Steamer Lane have remained in my heart. Ludovica is not wrong, on the contrary.

The best surf spots in Italy according to Ludovica Robaudo

In Italy there are plenty - rough sea permitting - perfect spots to have fun with a surf table: in Liguria, there are at least three beaches where you can try to juggle the waves, Recco, Lepanto and Varazze, the latter with the possibility of surfing at night.
The time to take off is the most exciting time in surfing
On the other hand - explains Ludovica Robaudo - a good spot to surf in Italy is Portonovo, in the Marches, while going down along the Lazio coast are no secret waves of Santa Marinella and Ostia Lido. For the islands, in Sicily the area of San Leone - a few km from Agrigento - is a destination for surf enthusiasts, while in Sardinia La Marinedda - between Olbia and Alghero -attracts surf lovers from all over Italy and Europe.
Which is the best time to surf in Italy? Surfing is a seasonal sport, but the seasons should be read in a somewhat counterintuitive way: in the sense that the perfect sea conditions are found more frequently in autumn, winter, and spring, while summer is not always the ideal time for a long weekend with boarding. How come? It’s due to the anticyclone, that replaces the Atlantic currents that bring good weather, sun, and flat sea. So you just need to know how to organise and consult the weather forecast. This means avoiding the sunny weather and checking for bad weather spots that could take place in the day, at least if the plan is to surf all day.
Preparing to the best means not having problems to ride waves several meters high
Since not everyone travels the world with a board as luggage, what difference is there for those who surf between our waves and those of the ocean, perhaps with those of California? There is a difference in power: in general, because of the currents that may be in the Mediterranean we don't have - or we have less intense - the ocean waves are much more powerful. Even if it's not a fixed rule: here in Liguria, in Varazze, we have a nice strong wave, it's not that one is forced to go to the other side of the world. But how do the waves come about?
Amazing sea ready to surf

Ludovica Robaudo: the best conditions to surf

It is a matter of wind, which acting on the surface of the water forms ripples that then grow for miles until they go to break on the beach. If this phenomenon is fed by a strong enough wind and for enough time, here comes a storm. The main difference between the Mediterranean and the ocean is in the frequency of the waves, which for an oceanic beach are not only connected to the stormy days but are also part of the usual wave motion. To surf in Italy - explains Ludovica - on the contrary, you need to look for the sea, privileging Sardinia, Tuscany, and Liguria, where there are higher chances of finding waves worthy of being ridden with a surf.
A moment of little wind is perfect to go with the oar

Maybe even the years of dancing have come in handy. Ludovica Robaudo concludes: Surely I did - For the balance: having danced on my toes for many years with chalk shoes, at the first wave of my life I immediately set myself up. I owe this to classical dance, which taught me to know my body and my physicality well, teaching me balance and flexibility. Perfect skill to become a pro surfer.
Surfists riemerge dall'acqua

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