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Strengths of a Fitness Boutique

It is already an established trend overseas, in Europe it is growing at a terrific rate: the last instant trend in fitness and wellness spaces is the so-called Fitness Boutique.
Yet in wellness and fitness centres, organisational and economic developments are not revolutionary. Over the years, we have moved from Premium to Low Cost centres, from all-inclusive packages to pay-per-use solutions.
However, Fitness Boutiques know no rest in their growth; in just a few years, they have conquered around 35% of users in the American fitness and wellness industry alone, as reported by the IHRSA's 2016 Health Club Consumer Report. It is therefore perfectly reasonable to ask why.
It should be remembered that in the world of fitness and wellness, every year new activities and training solutions are developed, which are dictated by the need to move more and more people from a sedentary life to an active one. In this sense, Fitness Boutiques are proving to be the winning choice for the unique characteristics they possess throughout the industry.

What are the characteristics of a Fitness Boutique?

Small spaces
Fitness boutiques are usually small centres whose total size is less than 400 square metres. The spaces are divided in such a way as to dedicate most of the space to physical activity, optimizing the whole area as much as possible. Therefore, little space is devoted to common areas, such as the reception, which becomes - when not removed completely - a reception point with the size of a small desk, or the living area, transformed into a waiting area for customers before and after training.
High specialization
The service provided within Fitness Boutiques is highly specialized. This means that the service is dedicated to a specific type of activity, such as cycling, Pilates functional and bootcamp training, and all the ancillary training related to the activity itself, or represented by a mix of activities oriented to a careful technical analysis related to the result that the customer wants to achieve, using the famous personal training system. At the core of the specialization of the structure lies the individual skills of the operators, which have to be of a very high level, so as to support the specificity of the services offered by the wellness facility.
High customization
This feature is dictated by the fact that, being small facilities, the service of Fitness Boutiques is provided either to a very small number of people, as in the case of courses or classes of group, or in a complete individual fashion. Therefore, the service offered is extremely personalized. At the basis of this organization, working on the individual and on his/her achievements is fundamental. Training in a Fitness Boutique is therefore characterized by a scrupulous and continuous analysis, performed in order to evaluate the specific needs of the customer and analyze the improvements with respect to the goals set.
Different economic proposal
The organisation of economic proposals is also specific and usually not linked to the classic subscription framework. Instead, the focus is on the technical path to achieve the customer's goals. Customization is the cornerstone of the selling proposal for the services available to the centre. As a result, customers’ investments do become more important, but for a service that is not only of higher quality, but also aimed at achieving their specific objectives.
Considering the characteristics just analyzed, there are some really important facts regarding the organization of Fitness Boutique’s service worth discussing.

The value of customization

Specialization and customization allow the trainers to focus on the people they serve in order to provide the users with greater professional competence. This makes it possible to obtain a high quality service.
Furthermore, since the value perceived by each individual user is extremely subjective, it is of fundamental importance to focus on a service based on customization. Personalization starts from a careful analysis of the needs and desires of each individual client, which is, digging down to the deepest and most personal needs that drive the client to undertake a path that will lead to a psycho-physical change.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction

From the clients’ point of view, these characteristics are the answer for a greater motivation in carrying out an activity that leads them to achieve their own results. From this it follows that the percentage of satisfaction and loyalty of customers of Fitness Boutiques is much higher than that of fitness clubs.
It is the combination of such characteristics that stimulates the trend of Fitness Boutiques and the growth in the loyalty rate of their users: customization and a higher level of care lead to a better response to the needs of the user, stimulating their motivation for training, and thus their loyalty.

Willingness to pay a premium price

These small specialized and customization-based service centres are organized to listen, understand, motivate and provide customers with the right solutions to achieve the change they desire in terms of well-being, health, aesthetics and overall lifestyle.
For these reasons the customer of the Fitness Boutique is willing to spend more, if there is the guarantee to achieve a result and to receive more care. This should not be considered as a limitation in the development of Fitness Boutique’s business, because it does not mean solely looking for groups of high income users. In fact, Fitness Boutiques may consider a correct organization and proposal of services in order to reach a greater catchment area.
In conclusion, the opportunity for Fitness Boutiques is potentially enormous, since these facilities can attract both users of traditional fitness centres as well as new users who are completely outside of the fitness circuit.

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