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Strength and Conditioning Roundtable - benefits and how to incorporate it into training routines.

On 20th April 2017, Technogym brought together a group of expert practioners for a roundtable on the role of strength and conditioning (S&C) in elite sport, and the transferability of its benefits to the general population.

FOREWORD  from Sam Applebee, Strength & Conditioning Instructional Officer, UK Ministry of Defence:

The strength and conditioning industry is growing fast with 1000's of graduates qualifying each year in their respective fields. This is coupled with a drastic increase in the accessibility of high-end services, which are popping up all over the UK.
With this expansion in training provision, traditional weightlifting and resistance training for health purposes, not just performance outcomes, is becoming apparent. Previous successes in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics have seen more and more people want to train like the pros do, which is having a hugely positive effect on the growth of strength and conditioning within the industry. The recent social media boom means collaboration with specialists all over the world is becoming more readily available, something which I have not seen to the same extent in any other industry.
What is even better is that interdisciplinary departments, more so than ever, are working together to assist in client service provision. Therefore, ensuring that we look constantly beyond our own individual programming biases to provide a forever-growing client centred approach is brilliant. With this, coaches are willing to learn from their mistakes and take on board criticism to enhance their ability to provide a bespoke service to clients and athletes. As such, the Technogym roundtable discussion group was, and is, a fantastic platform for practitioners around the country to make a meaningful contribution to pertinent issues for health and fitness improvement strategies. For Technogym to provide such insightful and meaningful days for experienced delegates to meet and discuss current methods pertaining to S&C/health improvement has and will continue to assist in providing an exceptional client focused service.

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Download the paper from our strength and conditioning roundtable where our panel of experts from fitness, health and education discuss myths around S&C, how it has changed over the years, the impact of social media, and how to deliver the best advice. Find out who benefits from S&C, and how to incorporate it into your routines for best results.


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