Streaming workout at home

There's something that combines the pulsation on the sofa in front of a series and an intense cardio fitness circuit: the streaming. Between apps and on-demand courses, home fitness has never been so simple and complete.

The gym in the house. For decades, the naive illusion of millions of people being ensnared by the set bench + balance + spring for the inside thigh sold one hundred and ninety-nine thousand lire late at night on television sales channels. In homage they gave the tool for the abdominals that probably caused more muscle tears than flat bellies. We don't blame that humanity of the past, it was a goddess who convinced them that we could stay - or get back in shape - in domestic comfort. That goddess was Jane Fonda, who sold more than 17 million copies of her VHS training videos between the 1980s and 1990s.

Streaming workout: vintage style

In recent years the popularity of gym classes, the cult of yoga and pilates and the spread of running, had relegated home workouts to matter for nostalgic, but, accomplice the digital, things are changing. No, it's not about the fitness apps, which are very popular but, although well done, they can't replicate the course, from the instructor's corrections and encouragement, to the slight challenge with their classmates. The real disruptive potential of technology in the world of sport lies in the courses to train with streaming.

The workout of the future is comfortable

At a time when we seem to have no time to do anything and when the search for the balance between work, family and friends has become a major source of stress for work and family, going to the gym (and receiving the motivation that comes from social interaction) can be a challenge. Streaming allows you to enjoy fitness courses anywhere and anytime and, if you are available at the time of the course, you can join the group live directly from your living room. Wherever you are in the world, you can feel part of the best fitness boutiques on the market.
We've grown accustomed to the huge variety of Netflix content - how much time do we spend scrolling through series and documentary pages and how much time do we actually watch them? - so the mix of courses can't be outdone. There are videos to train for all tastes and needs, from yoga to high intense interval training, from classic dancer exercises to indoor cycling.

We often refer to streaming courses as a trend, but, looking at how Netflix has changed not only our habits but the very structure of the market in which it operates, we can expect it to be something destined to stay, grow and change many things.

Interactive workout videos

The increase in speed, the reduction in latency times and the greater power of the data network connection that will arrive thanks to 5G, will allow in a few years to train in a complete and personalized way with VR and AR, but already today there are devices capable of reproducing with the stream the exact experience of the gym.

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