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Self-promotion of the Personal Trainer

For a professional such as a personal trainer, achieving sustainability and the potential economic growth of his own business is imperative. The personal trainer is in fact a small service agency in every aspect, which provides a service (training) targeted to a potentially very large number of people, with the aim of changing the physical and health state of people, leading them to achieve goals that improve their psycho-physical wellbeing.
The sustainability of the business model for a personal trainer is proportional to the number of lessons to be delivered daily, whether working as a single personal trainer or working in a group within a fitness and wellness centre. This means having first sold a certain number of personalized workouts to a certain number of customers.
It is therefore very important that the personal trainer plans the right strategies for achieving specific professional objectives, deepening their skills through the study of subjects and topics related to marketing and business management, including how to promote his service. In fact, every activity needs to be promoted in order to stimulate potential customers to know and buy a certain good.

Breaking down self-promotion in 4 points

In order to be able to provide their service, the personal trainer must have people to contact: they must search for contacts. Contacts are defined as people potentially interested in services related to their well-being and the maintenance of good health.
Thinking to work while waiting for customers to arrive on their own or for someone to find them on his behalf means working under uncertainty and extreme dependence on others.
We talked about useful contacts to the personal trainer as a source for new customers. It is therefore necessary to understand how to find and attract them, in order to be able to offer them the purchase of the service.
The contacts research work begins with the definition of what is the potential user base to which the personal trainer can offer his service.

Hence, two important search characteristics must be identified by answering the following questions:

  • To whom is the service that I want to deliver?
  • Where are these people located?
Without going into the details of all the variables that the personal training service can assume, it is important that each professional answers the questions specified above, so to define their user base and to be able to plan all the useful strategies for the development of their promotional activity.

1. How to communicate with the client

It is therefore essential to research and organize useful communication tools to reach the people identified in the user base and define the approach of effective communication that allows the interest in the service that you want to propose.
Day by day the personal trainer can get to know people interested in wellness services simply by talking about relevant topics and informing them about specifics of the profession he is working in. Another effective way to communicate with potential customers is to take advantage of the structure of the wellness center, analyze the context in which the trainer is in and align his communication strategy with that of the center.
In this way, through specific communication channels and his daily life, the personal trainer works to interest and involve his user base with the aim of promoting his service to get interested contacts and then be able to convert them into customers.

2. The presentation of the service

However, promotion is not just about communicating with the user base. Although the aim of the latter is to establish contact with the customer, those strategies that allow the personal trainer to present their service must then follow, thus starting the process that leads to the purchase.
Tryvertising (try + advertising) is an excellent marketing opportunity: it is a promotion mechanism that allows potential customers to test the service. This strategy is extremely suitable for the specific characteristics of the personal training service. By providing a trial of their service the personal trainer has the opportunity to get in direct contact with the potential customer, to carry out an in-depth analysis of his needs, to understand the real need for change and to present a training proposal useful to motivate the need to continue on a specific path.
It is therefore necessary to activate an experiential marketing process, or to base the promotion of the service on the person himself and to provide a personalized path solution both from the point of view of the technical content (for example, the kind of exercises to be done) and with respect to the purchase proposal (for example, the number of sessions purchased).
The function of experiential marketing is at the heart of the business value offered by the trainer, who places the potential customer in the so-called sales funnel, effectively leading him to purchase the promoted service.

3. Promotion of the service

Organising promotional services means defining when, how and what is offered to potential customers. An example of promotional service can be the so-called free session, or a free lesson for the prospect in which the personal trainer spends a defined amount of time (60 minutes, 90 minutes) to complete the entire process of presentation of the service and the sales cycle.
Another possibility is the definition of a promotional service organized in 2 or 3 sessions organized by the personal trainer, the promo pack. In this case there will be short sessions organized in different appointments and proposals at a promotional value, lower than the list price. This allows to have a try & buy service for the potential customer that makes extremely effective the eventual sale development of the service.
Through promotional service, prospects are involved in an already personalized proposal and, thanks to the experience they have, they are more motivated to purchase. For the personal trainer it is a useful mechanism to optimize his efforts to acquire customers and allows you to have a channel always open for the introduction of new contacts and new customers.

4. The ideal trainer’s planner

Finally, it becomes extremely important for the personal trainer to carefully plan his agenda and constantly foresee an amount of time dedicated to promotion. Fortunately, new applications such as PRESCRIBE and COACH, associated with the UNITY ™ SELF digital stations, help the trainer to plan his daily activities and speed up the monitoring process of potential and existing customers. It is a big mistake to fill your planner only with existing customers, because it may create situations where the promotion becomes urgent and way more complicated to handle.
In sum, entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge and application of communication and promotion strategies, as well as adequate planning of one’s work schedule, allow the personal trainer to have a guarantee of sustainability and growth of their profession.

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