A stylish sailing holiday

A sailing holiday can be the ideal choice for those who are looking for nothing more than a period of total relaxation. Around you, there is only the sea. All you can hear is the slow movement of the water. The beach is far away, you can hardly see the profile of the mainland, and the city seems a faded memory of the past. Do you think this is a dream scenario? All those who have opted for a sailing holiday will know it will become reality.

Few things have the same charm as a short period spent mostly offshore, isolated in a small part of the world. Now the mercury column is continuing to rise inexorably, the thought of a seaside holiday is more appealing than ever.
But even if in the wake of such an idyllic situation it is very easy to let oneself go of the temptation to abandon every thought and it’s always advisable to have at least some kind of plan before you go. There may be one question that is the most important and that is: what is essential to pack for a holiday of this kind?

Keywords for a sailing holiday: simplicity and practice

The most typical reaction to the idea of having to choose clothes to fill a travel bag is panic. Especially when you know that you will not have easy access to emergency purchases. To get caught up by anxiety is a real and predictable risk. But in the specific case of a sailing holiday, the fear is completely unjustified: offshore, clothes are not so important.

There are just two words that might suffice to define essential guidelines: simplicity and practicality. It's about finding the right balance between sportiness and elegance, looking for a way to feel comfortable with what you wear, without giving up style.

The choice of the right luggage

First of all, the choice of luggage should not be underestimated. If you are just starting out, this is the easiest thing to overlook: usually, storage spaces are not very large by boat. Consequently, it is advisable to have compact luggage and, above all, hard luggage should be avoided. A duffle bag is undoubtedly the best option: practical and comfortable to carry, the soft structure allows it to fold easily, so that it can be stored away easily in smaller spaces.

What to pack

At this point, all that remains is the main question: what to pack? It might seem obvious, but to honour the nautical theme you can’t go wrong: blue shorts, white shirt, boat shoes and a scuba watch form a typical male outfit. For moments of absolute relaxation, you can leave your shirt to combine t-shirts or tank tops with short pants or chinos, always respecting the colours that the days on the boat naturally suggest: red, white and blue, perhaps combined in the classic Breton stripe.

Turning to the women's department, the advice is not to be afraid and daring with colours, both in the outfit and with the shoes. The ideal in this case are blocks of solid colour, both in sandals and jewels, whose tones can recall very elegantly those of the sea. White, on the other hand, remains the most suitable colour for highlighting a tan under floaty and soft clothes. These could be sarongs for example and which certainly need to be packed in a suitcase that is trip-proof.

Once the essential elements have been defined, it’s time to make room for accessories: as far as hats are concerned, focusing on vintage is always a good idea. In the case of sunglasses, however, more recent trends suggest a preference for the thin, even very thin, lens. But don't forget that polarizing lenses are a must have on a boat. Finally, when the sun goes down the temperatures can drop significantly so take a denim shirt to enjoy the last hours of the day.

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