Skillrun is becoming New York’s new workout trend

If you haven’t heard of Rumble, that’s probably because you haven’t worked out in New York City for a while. Rumble is the new cult boutique fitness studio that has launched in 2017 the boxing-inspired fitness class and few weeks ago has introduced the new Rumble Training treadmill based workout.
With existing locations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Rumble has quickly become a supercool group fitness boutique studio brand that boasts celebrity patrons including Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Jason Derulo, David Beckham and Kevin Hart.
Rumble Training is Rumble’s second boutique concept after Rumble Boxing. Both Rumble Boxing and Rumble Training are 45-minute, 10-round, full-body strength training and conditioning workouts crafted around specially designed equipment. The music blends relevant hip-hop and house with timeless classics customized into mash-ups and remixes that are specific to Rumble.

Rumble training with Technogym’s SKILLRUN

“Rumble Boxing brought accessibility and incredible experiences to the group fitness space using the sweet science of boxing, and now Rumble Training is the second concept that utilizes the sweet release of running. Using our custom-designed Italian Technogym treadmills, we’ve been able to fully specify our user interface and console to make the running segments approachable, easy to navigate, and fun,” says Rumble Training co- founder Noah Neiman.

At the newly opened Rumble Training Studios, in New York and San Francisco, Treadmills are the protagonist! That’s why Rumble has gone for the best and has chosen Technogym’s state of the art Skillrun.

SKILLRUN is a unique treadmill inspired at professional athletes training and conceived thanks to Technogym experience as official supplier to the last seven Olympic Games. It has revolutionized people’s running experience by offering unique features (speeds up to 18.6mph, as well as inclines of 25% with a -3% decline) and allowing runners to choose from a wide variety of training programs such as bootcamp, sled training, parachute training, speed shifts, etc…

Half of the class on Technogym Skillrun

You will spend half the Rumble Training class on Technogym’s Skillrun, which have three levels to start: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced — and the other half doing strength training on floor-side benches, equipped with dumbbells and resistance bands.

At beginning of the class you can choose your level on SKILLRUN’s touchscreen interface and then you will be able, during the class, to  seamlessly toggle between pre-set speeds and inclines.

Powered by custom Rumble remixes that blend hip hop, house, and timeless classics, Rumblers will walk out sweat-drenched and maxed-out with an endorphin high like none other. In the dark studio atmosphere SkillRun’s exclusive Fast Track Controls – easy to use joysticks to set speed and incline – will be flashing in order guide you in setting the the level according the trainer’s instructions.

Technogym’s Skillrun is the first treadmill to combine cardio and power training in a single solution, designed to reach. Each of the Skillrun’s have a unity interface and a flashing Fast Track Control for better visibility in the dark studio.

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