Quinoa Clam Chowder

For those who know and love spaghetti and clams. We give you another alternative that is gluten free and with a lower glycemic index so those who are intolerant to gluten can also enjoy this recipe.

This low-carb solution uses a super food that has distant origins, but is now very popular all over the world: quinoa.

Describable as a cereal-non-cereal with a high satiating power and protein intake, quinoa does not belong to the family of grasses (like wheat) but is actually the herbaceous seed native to the Andes, the same species of beet and spinach. Its nutritional characteristics include: iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and even lysine, an amino acid that our body does not produce alone but which allows the synthesis of antibodies, enzymes and growth hormones as well as allowing the correct calcification of bones - have earned it the name of "gold of the Incas", to underline the absolute precious nature of this food.

Initially used by celiac people and by healthy cooking enthusiasts, today quinoa has found its place in haute cuisine, where it is treated like rice and creatively matched with vegetables, fish and shellfish. We feel perfectly saintly to eat it along with a delicious gouache of clams...

When talking about clams, it is impossible not to mention their many health benefits too. Firstly they are vitamin B packed, in particular B12,  the number 1 ally of a correct cellular metabolism, the only one able to convert carbohydrates into glucose to free up energy that is ready to use.

Classy & healthy

Moreover they are low calories, contain Iodine, zinc and iron. A real treasure of the sea.

So we present to you a low-carbohydrate dish that is both delicious, rich in essential micronutrients and ready in 20 minutes. The only thing to do is to buy the ingredients. Ideally the quinoa should be organic: unfortunately, in the countries where it is grown especially Bolivia and Peru the regulations on the use of pesticides are sometimes not very well defined and not very strict. It is also essential to choose safe clams. As "filterers" of the sea, we want to know its variety, production method, product traceability and packaging date. We are therefore giving the green light to sustainable or genuine farmed molluscs, harvested in clean water.

Ingredients for 4 persons

280-300g quinoa
2 leeks
80g pine nuts
10 ginger fresh
500g of clams
40 ml of extra virgin olive oil
salt as required
pepper as required

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