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Professionals: sector managers in the fitness centre

The person responsible for the space, human resources and products or services of a given branch of the company is called the head of department, while the person responsible for the department is a task that unites several departments. Leaving aside the definitions, typical of industry and retail, let's stop and understand the tasks that an organization should have in a fitness company.
Starting from the assumption that highly specialized realities, such as fitness boutiques, as well as formats of small gyms with a low number of services, collaborators and members, probably do not need to delegate responsibilities to third parties as everything, or almost everything, can be orchestrated by the owner, especially if assisted by another operating partner and some trusted collaborators. But when we talk about realities that compared to the total 500 square meters, have much more important surfaces and that the fitness service proposed in the equipment room, have 2 or more rooms for group courses, perhaps a pool even if small, some fields for sports such as tennis, soccer or similar and even a spa with an adjoining beauty centre, then it is absolutely necessary to structure an organizational chart with figures responsible for the sector that is entrusted to them.
Gyms require resources with direct employment on the field that play the role of player-coach for which you need skills that are perhaps even more marked than the choice of field. Let's take the role of the owner or director of a multifunctional wellness centre and try to help him in the organization of the optimal organization chart to ensure the success of the company he leads through the exemplary service coordinated by different department heads.

Professionals for multi-purpose Wellness Centres

Marketing Manager

First, to ensure that potential customers are engaged with, a marketing department is needed that today, even more than before the digital revolution, can be extremely operational and practical and that needs someone to take care of it.
The Marketing Manager is therefore the resource that develops content for social and web platforms in general, which analyzes, profiles and implements the database of contacts on which to apply a careful communication plan.
It will be fundamental to use for territorial activities such as partnership initiatives with companies and local businesses, as well as outreach appointments or a presence at events that are considered strategic.
Not forgetting those actions aimed at increasing the loyalty of members, or rather the incentive to increase attendance and participation using a calendar. Finally marketing are essential for the guarantee of maintaining coordinated communication that goes from internal communication messages, to posts and external communication that all meet brand guidelines and with the right tone of voice.
In short, there are several tasks that, when the skills allow, can be carried out in person or delegated to third parties or collaborators but that will still need to be coordinated with extreme attention and great commitment. Whether it is part-time or full time depends on the size and importance of the marketing for the centre in question, but it is no longer a matter of doubt that someone should take responsibility for the results.

Sales & Reception Manager

In close contact and synergy with the previous one, here is the role of the Sales & Reception Manager who is responsible for transforming new contacts into members and renewing subscriptions expiring through his team. The group to coordinate is always the reception group, to which is added, without a doubt for the centre we are analyzing, the team of sales consultants. It is a fundamental role that develops commercial initiatives, analyses results, makes corrections and above all that guides, trains and motivates those who offer and sell the services of the centre on a daily basis. He may or may not be a sales consultant himself but it is advisable that his role is advisory and therefore that his direct employment is within the reception group so as to have the opportunity to be in close contact with members, handle any complaints and coordinate the collaboration between the reception and sales departments. Given the many tasks and the need to be present at busy times, the job can only be full-time.

Fitness Manager

We finally get to organize the technical service which, depending on the structure and the different areas, will need to be responsible for any persons or area where skills play a key role. Without a doubt, the centre taken as an example needs a Fitness Manager, that is the key figure responsible for the fitness service in the equipment room and in the different rooms for group courses. The Fitness Manager, a graduate in motor science, is better placed to design the management process for members from the first training session to monitoring attendance and, when necessary, reactivating members in case of abandonment. Following this phase, the terminology and characteristics of the different activities proposed will have to be coded, and then the selection, training, support and control phase of the work carried out by the centre's largest and most complex team, the teachers will have to be proceeded with. Also in this case, the direct employment of the manager in the operations of their sector is essential and forcing any limits of attitude, the best results are obtained when the fitness manager takes charge of some lessons of collective courses and the presence in the equipment room with the role of trainer but not of personal trainer, so as to focus attention not on his own success but on that of the entire team.

Pool Manager

Moving now in the swimming environment we must assess the need of further persons responsible and decisions related to the type of activities proposed that are closely related to the size of the pool. In fact, when it is a recreational pool of about 80 square meters with a constant depth of 120 -130 cm, the orientation will be mainly that of vertical activities both in groups and individuals with the possibility that the department is part of the tasks of the Fitness Manager. If not, when the pool allows the didactic and typically swimming aspect, then it is advisable to foresee the figure of the Pool Manager or Water Manager who, like previous colleagues, will be responsible for results and economic budgets, operational tasks of teaching and coordination of the resources employed. It is extremely important that this figure can build relationships with the parents of the students in close contact with the reception team in order to optimize attendance, renewals, level changes and of course service sales.

Spa Manager

Another strategic role for the success of the sector is that of the SPA Manager. When, in addition to the wet areas used for relaxation and activities related to heat or the whirlpool, you are in the presence of treatment rooms, then it is absolutely necessary to have a figure of departmental coordination that, as for almost all previous ones, is directly involved in the economic results of the space and service that is entrusted to them.
Sector managers of the multi-purpose wellness centre will have to be coordinated, motivated and above all guided by the key figure for the success of the model: the Club Manager, to whom we anticipate, must possess the skills of a true leader who is able to ensure that each one has their own course to follow and that together they achieve the objectives set.

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