The PGA Tour builds fit, fast and strong athletes with Technogym

This is the season to improve your golf game like a professional. How can you become fit, fast and strong like a PGA Tour player? Technogym provides wellness solutions to help you train like a pro for the holiday season and beyond the fairways.

GOOD NEWS FOR HOLIDAY GOLFERS – You can improve with the same Technogym resources the PGA Tour selected for its championship players and professional staff. Technogym is the official supplier of equipment for the PGA Tour and the PGA Tour Champions performance centers.

The PGA Tour Player Performance Center is comprised of two mobile fitness and therapy trailers that travel to each PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions tournament. The staff is professionally serviced by physical therapist, chiropractors, and athletic trainers. The fitness and therapy trailers are equipped with state-of-the-art wellness tools engineered by Technogym to keep the players fit, fast and strong and to build speed, agility, stamina and power for elite competition while on the road.

What made Skillrun a favorite with the pros?

Skillrun delivers exceptional simplicity in its unique features. The PGA Tour Players and their trainers employ a variety of upper body and lower body techniques to improve their cardiovascular system and power output. Skillrun affords golfers the flexibility to transition from traditional cardiovascular training to lower body power training in an instant.

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Skillrun features unparalleled craftsmanship and design to simplify exceptional performance for the user – pro or amateur. The Biofeedback feature provides golfers real time feedback on their running efficiency in a safe zone. Professionals are keen to train symmetrically to maximize their productivity and minimize their risk of injury due to the overuse of the lower body.

If you want to climb the highest mountain or descend to the lowest valley, Skillrun offers the widest incline to decline range in the market. Whether your goal as a golfer is to build lower body stability and balance to increase your club head speed, Skillrun will improve both your cardiovascular endurance while increasing total body power production for increased performance and injury prevention.

Skilltools provides a variety of Wellness modalities for performance

From World Junior Amateurs to Olympic Medalists to the World Golf Hall of Fame, the training platform for success remains consistent for golfers of all levels: the focus is total body stability, mobility, and power development within a golfer’s workout routine. Technogym Skilltools Kit is the wellness solution of accessory pieces for professionals on the Tour, and for amateurs at home or in the gym.

Being fit, fast and strong can be a reality for you with a well-rounded methodology that includes preparation before the round of golf and recovery techniques after a day at the golf course. Skilltools includes Foam Rollers, Slam Balls, Medicine Balls, Stability Balls, Power Bands, Mini Bands, a Mobility Stick, and a Balance Pad.

Which Skilltools were trained with the most on the PGA Tour?

The Foam Roller, Stability Ball, and Mini Bands were the most used Skilltools. For an efficient and efficacious golf swing that produces PGA Tour results, golfers need flexibility, recovery, mobility, and stability. The Foam Roller is self-myofascial release technique used before and after workouts, as well as pre and post golf to increase flexibility and to aid in recovery. The Stability Ball creates an environment for core and total body mobility. Both modalities help prevent injuries when used properly. Mini Bands are incorporated for key muscle activation of the core, hips, and shoulder complex as it relates to golf.

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How do you Ho Ho Ho your way to a hole in one this Holiday Season?

Perform at your best on the golf course and train like the best on the PGA Tour with Technogym Wellness Solutions. The fundamental training approach is the same for amateurs and pros alike. By incorporating wellness training solutions that build cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, mobility, core stability, and flexibility, golfers have the best shot at being fit, fast and strong like a PGA Tour Player.

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