PGA TOUR®chooses Technogym to outfit new innovative mobile fitness centres

Technogym participated in the PGA TOUR®’s unveiling of a new state-of-the-art mobile fitness center featuring Technogym smart connected equipment, during a presentation by PGA TOUR® Commissioner Jay Monahan at The Honda Classic at PGA National Resort & Spa. The new fitness center will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment supplied by Technogym and will increase by over 200 square feet from the previous facilities. The additional space will provide players with a wider variety of fitness equipment as well as more open space for functional movement exercise.

Technogym is the gold standard for professional athletic training worldwide and has been official training equipment supplier to the last seven Olympic Games as well as official supplier to many professional teams and athletes in different sport disciplines.

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We are very proud to have been chosen by the PGA TOUR® to provide world class sports performance equipment and solutions for the elite TOUR players. This partnership represents a strong validation of our ongoing investment in R&D for our products, innovation and quality standards.

Technogym equipments at PGA TOUR

SKILLRUN allows TOUR players to perform traditional cardiovascular training and instantly transition to lower body power training. The Biofeedback feature provides the Player with real time feedback on their running efficiency to maximize results and minimize lower body overuse injuries. Sled pushing allows for lower body power development without the need for high risk exercises while simultaneously creating core activation.
Additionally, there is an extreme incline feature allowing Players to train in a wide range of inclines. This helps with lower body strength and power development, while increasing the cardiovascular demand, and training up to a -3% decline simulating the downhill undulations they face on the course.
SKILLTOOLS are a variety of performance tools that create a wide range of training modalities for the players, for total body mobility, stability, and power development within their workouts, before a round of golf, or for recovery after a round of golf.
"Since the original fitness centers were introduced on TOUR more than 30 years ago, we have seen how fitness has advanced our players’ performance and extended their careers," said Monahan. "Today’s unveiling of a new fitness center is another landmark moment in the growth of the PGA TOUR® and our ongoing efforts to best serve our members. As our sport grows, so do the expectations and the preparation needed to compete at the world-class level we see every week."

The fitness centers are part of the Player Performance Centers that travel to 62 events between the PGA TOUR® and PGA TOUR® Champions each year. The Centers are made up of two sets of semi-trailers (four total) that navigate the mainland and Canada each year, representing a considerable investment with a goal of providing a consistent and trusted training center for the players. In addition to two fitness centers for performance and training, players have access to two wellness centers dedicated to therapy and recovery. Each unit logs more than 24,000 miles annually.

A golf performance programming solution for the golfing population

As the official supplier of equipment for the Player Performance Centers Technogym continues to be at the cutting edge of elite performance training by creating the most scientifically advanced, smart digitally connected equipment, while creating state of the art scientific programming designed specifically to improve the performance if the world’s greatest athletes.

It is estimated that there are 36 million people worldwide who participate in the game of golf. It is a popular sport that is played in over 140 countries and has continued to see an increasing interest level worldwide. Golf is a game that involves numerous professionals aiding the performance of players, whether professional, amateur or recreational. Golfers at any level will be at a significant advantage if they are more physically fit in order to meet the tremendous physical demands of the golf swing. There has been a significant increase in demand from the golf community to  participate in a golf-conditioning program to achieve golf-related performance outcomes.

Whether training a recreational or a professional golfer, fitness professionals will need to take a total body approach when creating their athletes’ golf conditioning program.
The Technogym Golf Performance Program can provide a safe and effective platform to approach a progressive golf-conditioning program. The rhythmic changes in programming and monitoring of results will keep golfers motivated to maintain their participation in their training program. The integrated program promotes an individualized approach starting with a golf specific assessment that ensures sports orientated movements are carried out and will have a positive effect on sports performance as it pertains specifically to each individual.

Discover more on the Technogym's Golf Performance Program

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