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Nove Colli 2019: Technogym nutrition tips

Edited by Elena Casiraghi, expert in nutrition and sport integration - Equipe Enervit
Those who love to pedal know: you can't joke with fatigue. For this reason, a correct diet in the days leading up to the Granfondo is a precious ally. But that's not all. The integration strategy also counts. And as if it matters! It can make a real difference during the race: it reduces muscle fatigue and increases performance. For this reason, the Enervit Team, which has been working alongside numerous athletes for some time and is always up to date with scientific studies, in collaboration with Technogym, has prepared some tips for those who will be at the start of the Nove Colli Granfondo on Sunday 19 May 2019.

Training with cocoa flavanols

There are substances that nature offers and that optimize health, train the body by promoting sports performance. This is the case with cocoa. Thanks to its polyphenols, it promotes blood flow to the muscles while pedalling. This means an increase in the supply of oxygen and energy. In addition to a possible reduction of catabolites, i.e. those substances that slow down performance and increase fatigue. To get the most out of this benefit, however, it is important to favour quality cocoa powders to take advantage of the benefits.

Start with the right energy

Carbohydrates, yes, but without excesses. Glycogen reserves are limited. And the day of the race now saturated thanks to the diet of the previous days and the reduction of training. To promote the oxidation of fats in the best possible way, it is advisable to prefer a breakfast with an average glycemic index. It's easy: all you have to do is combine carbohydrates with a certain amount of protein. Even the volume of the meal should not be excessive: for this reason, to fill up with energy but without weighing you down, powders based on isomaltulose (a slowly releasing sugar) and cocoa flavanols are an opportunity.

Reduce muscle fatigue

An integration strategy can help reduce muscle fatigue and increase performance. It is important to start integrating from the first hour of the race while keeping the frequency of intake constant. The bars for flat stretches or on easy descents, the gels are a valuable ally for the toughest climbs.

Energy in a hand with the right blend

For cyclists who don't like to take gels in a single portion, there are practical one-handed half portions that can be consumed with one hand. Improved digestibility and easy handling for less experienced athletes on the saddle. Whether it's gel or one hand, choose the right blend: glucose or maltodextrin and fructose-based mix maximizes energy and reduces the risk of intestinal stress.

Watch out for hydration

Training or competing in low hydration situations reduces the benefits of training and worsens performance. Don't wait for thirst. Play ahead. Water yes but not only. For optimal hydration and emptying of the stomach, it is essential to also take the main minerals found in sweat. You can take them as powder dissolved in water or through convenient capsules. Watch out for the timing: take a sip of water every 10-15 minutes of your performance: this will allow you to keep hydrated and promote optimal emptying of the stomach and intestinal absorption reducing any discomfort.

Recovery trains you

Recovery is part of training. You can't think of improving your performance without taking care of the recovery phase: it serves to restore your energy and create the right adaptations to the training session. Half an hour after your bike ride or roller session is strategic: in this time window, take a mixture of maltodextrins, essential amino acids and mineral salts. They will help you recover your lost energy and repair muscle stress. Remember: your next training session starts here!

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