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It is not the usual gym

Even if you love training, keeping the motivation to go to the gym is not easy and if it's not already one of your greatest passions, getting involved in regular fitness can become an almost impossible task. With the aim of making themselves more attractive, some gyms around the world have thus adopted unusual and extravagant solutions, based on the use of technology or integration in the training of elements designed for very specific audiences.

Orangetheory Fitness and Swerve: the force of competition

Sport and competition are a very strong combination. However, practicing sport at a competitive level can be too onerous a task for adults in particular. For this reason, many people choose the gym as a means of maintaining an active lifestyle, giving up the satisfaction of competition.
Orangetheory Fitness, a chain of US gymnasiums dedicated to interval training, brought athletics to the gym using a heart rate detector and a simple screen. Wearing the frequency detector provided by the gym, all participants in the training sessions are able to trace the intensity of their own training, while being able to verify those of all the other members.
The idea is to motivate the users of the gym thanks to the energy of the group, in addition to the energy transmitted by the walls which are obviously orange.
It is a similar principle having inspired Swerve, the place where indoor cycling meets competition between teams. We are in New York, and bike training (but under a roof) is done in a team. Here too, a screen shows training statistics in real time, but individual performance affects the performance of the whole team. Dividing the participants into opposing sides has a very positive impact on the motivation of the group and the individuals, who can give some adrenaline and enjoy the fun of the challenge.

Nerdstrong Gym: the gym for geeks

If you were asked to think about the typical gym person, those who have a passion for high tech, comics and videogames would not necessarily spring to mind. Whether the sedentary geek is a stereotype or not, in Los Angeles an entire gym has been designed to attract this market.
Fitness gamification, as those with smartphone apps know well, is not new. But Nerdstrom Gym's concept goes far beyond simply introducing game elements into training: In the gymnasium founded by Andrew Deutsch, you can defeat the Black Death, plunder ancient temples along with Indiana Jones, escape Sauron's eye, participate in a training session Blade Runner 2049-themed workout, lift balances with the shield of Captain American painted on discs...

It's the gym's success that amazes beyond the predictions, showing how context and storytelling can make a difference. Also in wellness.

Have you ever climbed a design wall?

Is climbing your favourite discipline? Then the Illoiha Omatesando Fitness Club of Tokyo could make it for you. Whether you prefer indoor climbing or rock climbing, it's quite likely that you're never going to climb a work of art. Well, in this Japanese centre it is possible to do so: designer Oki Sato has designed a wall where frames of paintings, shelves and sculptures are used to hold up the climbers.
Starting with the club motto Omotesando: "Becoming beautiful through movement", the project was born from the intuition of combining a sport that has its natural habitat in the open and uncontaminated spaces with the style of the fashion district of the Japanese metropolis.
The result is below (or above?) everyone's eyes: the interior design accessories that become cliffs to climb. Although it’s probably best to not try this at home.

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