How to be your own body’s CEO: NFL stars and coaches tell us about their training

At Technogym Village, 2022 Sport & Performance Summit hosts American football personalities to discuss the needs of their specialist exercise sessions, the role of power training and proper mindset

On April 1st, Technogym hosted the 2022 edition of the Sport & Performance Summit, an exclusive event held annually by Technogym to discuss the latest trends concerning sports and athletic performance, bringing together international athletes, coaches and athletic training professionals. For this year, its focus was chosen to be the role of power in sport, and more specifically American football power training in this sport’s athletic performance. This is why globally-renowned National Football League (NFL) personalities were invited as guests at Technogym Village.

We’re talking about NFL stars Mohamed Sanu Sr. – NFL wide receiver for San Francisco 49ers – George Kittle – NFL tight end for San Francisco 49ers – and Brandon Marshall, CEO & Founder of House of Athlete, I Am Athlete podcast co-host, as well as former NFL wide receiver. Speakers also included experienced elite coaches Kyle Meadows – Speed and Performance Coach, former NFL player and current consultant for Technogym – and Troy Jones – Director of Performance Education & Science, and Strength Training expert for House of Athlete – as well as Martin Miller, Vice-president of Education and Training for Technogym North America. These personalities faced sport-specific topics such as prevention, training, recovery and physical rehabilitation. The panel was chaired by Francesco Cuzzolin – Performance Director of Olimpia Armani Milano – and  Silvano Zanuso, Scientific Research Manager at Technogym.

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One of the main points faced by both players and coaches was how a complete athlete is composed of several qualities (strength, aerobic capacity, speed etc.) and how each sport requires a specific combination of such qualities. Power is the key quality in football: when we say power, we mean a combination of force, velocity and coordination. As a matter of fact, strength alone is worthless in football; being able to make the fastest movements in the shortest span of time is what really makes the difference in this sport. Football-specific aspects of power are acceleration, deceleration, explosiveness, speed and agility. In the context of football, power can be seen as exerting the maximum effort and force as fast as you can.

With this in mind, Technogym’s data-driven equipment is widely appreciated by football coaches because it fulfils their need of reliable quantitative analysis measurements to work on. That’s what makes up a true base line to track the athlete’s progress, as technology assists in the assessment and lowers the likelihood of risks of wrong training sessions. Accurate and player-specific research & data is needed for a predictive outcome. At these levels, training is constant and systematic, so it can be extremely stressful for the body: this is why data and technology are fundamental to get maximum outcome with the least possible amount of stress.

One of the hallmarks in Technogym’s vision has always been technology’s huge role in exercise and training, especially in managing data and metrics, which allows to avoid guesswork and to reach the best and most precise outcome for each player’s training. “What’s needed are fitness products which can best mimic actual football movements: for example, wide receivers need to train to start and stop often while running, and Skillmill can provide the solution for that” said coach Kyle Meadows. Coaches of world champions and top athletes choose Technogym because their insider expertise enables them to understand Technogym equipment actually matches their necessities.

As a matter of fact, Skill Line – Technogym’s range of products designed for those who look for peak performance – is the reference line for sports professionals and champions all around the world. Skill Line was specifically designed with the needs of professional players and coaches in mind, in order to assist them in the specialized training sessions of a series of different sports. “How can this piece of equipment fulfil the need to reproduce this or that athletic movement and actually train for it?” was one of the questions behind the design and planning of all Skill Line products, paired with solid scientific research in bio-mechanics, and NFL coaches and players could really tell these products made the difference in their sessions.

As opposed to actual training, footballers and coaches also highlighted the extreme relevance recovery must have in all training programmes: if you don’t let your body recover and heal the way it’s supposed to, the next time you go training you won’t be able to reach your 100%. Acupuncture and red light therapy were mentioned as some ways NFL players let their body recover and – even at their top level – they don’t train more than 3 or 4 days per week. As a matter of fact, one of their priorities is to treat their body and mind right: in addition to recovering properly, these elite footballers see nutrition, good sleep, positive mindset, mental balance, work ethic and motivation as fundamental elements of their training. At these levels, your body and your business coincide: you have to invest in your own body in all possible ways to make your career solid and effectively last.

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