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Artis Line: design and new features of the new Artis Synchro

Consistent training, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle are the basis for a toned body and doing physical activity is very important in everyday life. Whether you are practicing in a competitive way or simply to keep fit, it is essential not to exaggerate and above all to choose the most suitable equipment to achieve your goals.

One of the most popular cardio machines used in both clubs and home gyms all over the world is the elliptical. Its versatility makes it one of the best solutions for a total body training as it can activate more muscle groups through combined movements of the lower and upper limbs.

What is an elliptical?

The elliptical exercise bike (also elliptical or elliptical trainer) is a tool used in fitness clubs. But what is it? It is the evolution of the traditional bicycle, which allows to train arms and shoulders with the muscle work of the upper body thanks to the support points (hands and feet).
During the training session glutes, quadriceps and legs are the parts mostly used. As a cardio equipment, the elliptical allows you to burn calories during training which has to be set up according to the physical parameters of who is doing the exercise. Ideal for everyone, the elliptical is also good for rehabilitation thanks to its low impact on the joints.

The new Artis Synchro by Technogym

Technogym's proposal combines design, innovation and scientific research: all this translates into the new Artis Synchro, a unique tool that offers ease of use, high level performance and a wide range of exercises to train the whole body.

What makes the new Artis Synchro truly unique in its kind is the innovative trajectory of movement that is placed on a variable plane, offering a vast number of training routines. Additionally, thanks to the inclination from 5 to 33 degrees, it is possible to perform a high number of exercises and achieve maximum activation of the legs, buttocks and trunk.

Another feature of the new Artis Synchro is its ergonomics. Its stride, the widest currently on the market, provides a natural feeling during use and the footrests adapt to the load, ensuring a correct position of the ankle and a lower pressure on the soles of the feet.

The Artis line between design and innovation

Natural movements, advanced biomechanics, harmonious lines: these are the key words of Technogym's Artis Line, enhancing the training experience thanks to its enveloping design, connectivity and pleasantness of movement. Artis design is inspired by a concept of space designed to create harmony between equipments and environment. The geometry of the shapes, fluid and harmonious, allows users to move naturally, feeling at ease in a welcoming and exclusive context.
Thanks to its ergonomic design, Artis Synchro combines attention to detail and elegance to the interiors of the house and create a space that allows to achieve balance of mind and body. The new Artis Synchro is the ideal solution conceived to encourage wellness and a healthy lifestyle at home. The simple and elegant lines make it part of the Technogym's Home Wellness proposal to deliver the best training experience straight at home.

Training Tips: how to use the elliptical

The elliptical is therefore a good place to start but using it in the same way may not get the desired changes. Ideally, it is better to alternate sessions dedicated to toning and others that involve cardio activity. The choice of the type of training depends on the athletic preparation of the subject, while the intensity and duration must be proportionate so as not to obtain the opposite to those expected.
If you are a beginner, the rhythm should be lower so a session of 10 minutes may be enough to avoid overloading the body and muscles, or interval the exercise with a few moments of rest for 30 minutes.
For the more trained subjects, instead, the elliptical can be a great way to do movement even on days when you do not want to exaggerate too much with the training. A half-hour session in this case can be ideal combined with the use of other equipment.
Recommended elliptical training
5 minutes of training at a low difficulty level and then continue with another 5 minutes, gradually increasing the level. Continue with 2 minutes at the maximum level and then bring the level down to the minimum for another 2 minutes to begin the fatigue. It's necessary to repeat the alternation of levels 1 to 4 times at 2-minute intervals, then finish with another 5 minutes at the lowest levels.

After completing the elliptical workout, it is recommended to stretch to stretch and release the tension of all the muscles stressed during the workout.

The main features of new Artis Synchro

  • Widest stride on the market
  • Wide variety of exercises
  • Routines tailored to fitness goals
  • Easy access
  • Innovative and minimal design

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