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Human capital: the highest value hidden in the company balance sheet

Mapping the people who will create added value for the company, identifying the best talents, enhancing them and giving them the right position within the corporate: these are the guidelines of a company orientated towards human capital. Nerio Alessandri, presented on April 11 at the European Health and Fitness Forum in Cologne the new EuropeActive research promoted by Technogym and the Wellness Foundation on the Human Capital in the fitness sector in front of more than 400 delegates. As a partner of EuropeActive, Technogym has sponsored and promoted research for the benefit of fitness and wellness professionals over the last 5 years.

Caring for talent

Alessandri's analysis of the current situation starts from a recent research from the World Economic Forum which shows that, “when asked about their greatest regrets, a great majority of retired CEOs mention their inability to make quicker and bolder decisions on people matters”.
It is also true that at the same time, Human Resources functions and companies in general are aware of the competitive advantages generated by Human Capital and are optimizing tools and processes to support organizations, develop talent and increase productivity, “but the key issue” – explains Alessandri – “remains how to hire and retain the best talents”.

Talent, competence, creativity

It is fundamental, therefore, to map Human Capital in the company through in-depth and tailor-made analyses to put the right people in the right position, so, “mapping people that will drive the highest value creation in the organization and putting the right people in the right position is not only essential to be efficient and effective in the short term but in turn is also the most enduring source of competitive advantage”.

The fourth industrial revolution and the new HR mantra

“The fourth industrial revolution, hitting all businesses, is forcing us to transform our daily approach from the classic one-to-one vendor-client transactional relationship to a many-to-many approach which involves operators, end-users, suppliers, consultants, customers, influencers and content providers”. According to Alessandri, the approach to dealing with change is a 360-degree one: “That approach is based on multitasking and cooperation and requires trust and transparency along with the capability of creating value through curiosity, cooperation, and emotional intelligence”.

According to Technogym's president and founder, the approach to dealing with change is a 360-degree vision: “a unique opportunity for companies, in any sector, to ensure long term employee health, happiness and consequently engagement and productivity”.

Technogym as a leading HR company

“At Technogym – explains Alessandri - we are deeply committed to put individual competencies instead of hierarchical relations on central stage”. Technogym has developed a digital ecosystem to facilitate cooperation between all our stakeholders and trigger continuous innovation in the customer experience, “we established our Wellness Institute over twenty years ago and the Technogym Academy is active all over the world in delivering training and educational programs at different levels to our customer’s staff”.
In conclusion, Alessandri’s suggestion to Wellness companies is that “we all must position Human Capital on top of our strategy, because only by leveraging the creativity and ability to cooperate with our people, will we be able to succeed in the new global economy”.

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