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Nap York: the new name for New York relaxation

How many forms can a wellness centre take? If you are in New York, surely that of a dark space, elegant, with tones prevailing over black and many plants. No swimming pools (for now), but on the other hand a rooftop garden furnished with comfortable hammocks, for a spring rest in the open air. If you add bed-caps, a co-working space, a bar and a luggage room, you get Nap York, the new reference point for relaxation in New York City.

Nap York, a space to sleep in the city that never sleeps

New York, you know, is a city that never sleeps. In fact, New York is THE city that never sleeps. Yet, you can't say it's a city without sleep. Especially when you consider the success that a space like Nap York is experiencing. Some have called it "Wellness centre", others "Wellness club": there is no doubt that it should be a place where you are well.

How do they intend to do it? By providing visitors to the city with a space to take a nap. The reference is easy but get rid of the hotel capsules so characteristic of airports in the Far East.

First of all, Nap York is just a few blocks from Time Square, in the heart of the city. It's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is aimed at both tourists and busy New York businessmen, for whom it's not easy to find time to rest, and who are in fact the main users of Nap York services during the day, especially those of the lunch break. The idea was to create a place, an "oasis", as marketing director Stacey Veloric defines it, where to cultivate physical and mental wellbeing, even if only for a few minutes stolen from the hectic daily routine. Reading the notice on the home page of the website, which announces the opening of new spaces voted for the power nap for 2019, it seems that they have achieved the goal.

Inside Nap York

10 dollars for a 30 minutes nap in a sleeping capsule, only 8, if you are satisfied with half an hour on a moon chair, up to 250 for a monthly subscription that includes up to 5 power naps per week. Even so, the proposal can only seem tempting, but you don't just go to sleep from Nap York. On the first floor of the building, in fact, there is a café where guests can order, with the help of a tablet, meals, fruit juices, smoothies and healthy drinks of all kinds, receiving them in a few minutes directly to their workstation.
In addition to the bed capsules, which guarantee a truly regenerating resting experience thanks to their specific equipment, made up of soundproofed curtains, anti-noise earphones, diffusers of essential oils and inevitable plants, used to purify the air, Nap York offers a living area and a room furnished with deckchairs gathered around a fireplace.

Repower the people who power the world.

The fourth floor, with its workstations, may seem contradictory to the rest of the building and to the overall purpose of Nap York. In fact, the apparent paradox dissolves easily: the co-working area is designed for those who need a particularly quiet place to do a job, and the chairs at each workstation can be reclined to sleep comfortably.

As mentioned, Nap York is also a destination designed for tourists, who can turn to it to sleep for a few hours waiting for the preparation of their hotel room, perhaps after a long trip, or even just to store their luggage. In addition, Nap York has provided a shuttle service to and from the nearest airports: a great opportunity to try the now legendary Tesla.

Clearly, the equation Wellness = sleep could raise more than a few objections: sleeping enough (and well) is essential, but it is certainly not enough to make your lifestyle based on well-being. So, to leave nothing to chance, Nap York also wanted to think about this, organizing in its spaces periodic yoga lessons and guided meditation sessions. At this point, there are not many doubts: from last February to this part, the city that never sleeps will have had a little less sleep (and lived a little more wellness).

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