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MyCycling Technogym: cyclist training at home

A true cyclist rides a bike for passion, pedals for necessity and will travel great lengths and on many paths in any season or weather conditions. Cyclist’s training brings on a sweat that reminds them of the knowledge of their own potential based on personal experience. Technogym, in its mission of working closely with professional athletes, has been designing and developing training programs and new solutions to develop the potential of cyclists for years. This research has led the company to produce MyCycling, the most advanced synthesis of knowledge and scientific research in the field of cycling training and its performance tracking.

In the world of fitness and sport, we have witnessed a real boom in virtual cycling that allows you to try your hand at some of the most legendary stages of cycling, such as climbing the Alpe d'Huez or the Stelvio Pass for home. You have also been able to challenge your friends, participate in virtual competitions, or simply train following a specific program. Today's indoor cycling technology allows you to live these experiences in an incredibly realistic way, thanks to professional products - such as MyCycling or Skillbike by Technogym - which, in addition to the accuracy of the intermediate measured data of watts, speed, slope, and correct biomechanics, they guarantee connectivity with applications that allow virtual workouts such as Zwift or Rouvy.

So what are the characteristics of the cyclist? And what do they need to train?
We explain the answers to those questions using the training and initiatives of Technogym for cycling.

Cyclist training

Cycling training is a combination of effortprogramming and passion. Technogym works on these factors to motivate cyclists and help them improve their training and technique, and offers highly sophisticated performance monitoring technology to ensure safe training.

Heart rate

The essential element for every cyclist, whether they are professional or not, is using a heart rate monitor Cardio frequency measures have revolutionised training, for over 20 years or more infact since the technology became readily available.
Although it is a valid and irreplaceable instrument in the test phases, the heart rate monitor has some limitations: it has a' slow' response to the modification of the workload.  It is often difficult to perform exercises based on precise heart rate values, especially when the ground used for training is very undulating and repeated.
In essence: heart rate is perfect for laboratory tests but less for roadwork, where it has a number of limitations, such as fatigue susceptibility and altitude.

Cycling Power Meters

For some time, power meters have arrived and, to date, it is rare to find a professional cyclist who doesn't use one for training and the race.
More and more often, anyone who enjoys cycling is talking about "power" and "watt": power measurement is a reliable objective system for measuring performance and monitoring a cyclist's training.
The reading of the data expressed by these instruments allows you to accurately measure the power imprinted on the pedals, taking into account all external conditions: wind resistance, slope and smoothness of the road. When reading the power data you know how much you are pushing on the pedals to advance the vehicle.
Having the opportunity to know the power expressed has led sports trainers and doctors to draw up training programs that are no longer based on heart rate percentages but on power. We then moved from a threshold frequency based rating to threshold power or FTP (Functional Threshold Power) based rate. This has led to easier workout loads and better control of performance and improvements.
Expressions such as threshold frequencyheartbeat training and anaerobic threshold have become part of cycling jargon.
The power, or the energy produced in a given fraction of time, is expressed by a measure of intensity known as watts. When you look at the display of the instrument mounted on the bicycle, you read a value corresponding to the total energy required to move your body mass against a resistance, determined in the bike by: body weight, rolling friction, air resistance.

Wellness Wall
Technogym Neuromuscolar Training

Technogym's scientific department has developed a training method based on the most effective training methods for cyclists: TNT - Technogym Neuromuscular Training.
Based on a test that identifies the anaerobic threshold, a training plan is generated in which the changes in pedal cadence and power are designed to ensure the improvement of all the qualities that are needed to improve performance on the road.
MYCYCLING introduces for the first time Technogym Neuromuscular Training TNT, which will revolutionize training plans and outdoor performance.

Mycycling & TNT

Technogym's MYCYCLING is the most sophisticated and innovative smart trainer available for the cyclist's complete training, which exemplifies the TNT philosophy.
One characteristic of the TNT method is the optimized training time, which offers an extremely precise and high performance tool for both the advanced amateur and the professional. This also benefits those looking to fit in efficient training but who are time restricted by their daily schedules.
Technogym Neuromuscolar Training is the result of the collaboration of Technogym's Medical Scientific Research Department with the best athletescoachesphysiologists and athletic trainers in the world.
The training programs will be based on the anaerobic threshold level, with the aim of improving metabolic and neuromuscular characteristics.
Thanks to the MYCYCLING App it will be possible to start training from your own base physical levels by autonomously carrying out your own threshold test. Learn more about the potential of training with MYCYCLING.
Based on your threshold values, you can start an 18-week course with the sole objective of improving your outdoor performance.

MYCYCLING: the training revolution

A cyclist is an aerobic athlete with resistant strength.

An aerobic athlete must have a great engine inside their body. The displacement of the human measuring engine in VO2, i. e. the volume of oxygen in circulation. What makes the difference in a cyclist is the ability to pedal for a prolonged period of time at a pace as close as possible to the maximum threshold. In order to do so, it is essential not to underestimate the economics of one's gestures. A cyclist develops power when pedalling depending on the strength of the pedal (torque) and the cadence of pedalling. The strength and power of a cyclist obviously varies depending on their specialty, but the TNT can modulate the variety of training required. The only purpose: to avoid lazy and unhelpful workouts.

MYCYCLING is the most advanced indoor training system and is equipped with an extremely precise power sensor to ensure effective training.

Why should a rider train strength?
To increase muscle fiber and to use the highest possible power percentage for a prolonged period of time.

MYCYCLING is called a smart trainer because it is able to vary the intensity of training, mixing different stimuli in the optical display providing real data on the improvement of your athletic performance.

MYCYCLING is versatile and able to find solutions for different cycle training objectives:

  • Improve the technique and effectiveness of a cycling enthusiast
  • Train the practitioner in a targeted and timely manner
  • Support coaches in the training of their athletes throughout the season

MYCYCLING and Zwift integration

Home training undoubtedly has advantages, that includes the ability to customise the training load to your specific needs and goals.  And now, thanks to MYCYCLING’s Coach feature, you can be monitored constantly enabling you to continuously improve performance.
MYCYCLING's smart technology enables Technogym and Zwift to integrate to improve the training experience on all fronts, even in the gaming zone.
Thanks to the integration with the Zwift platform, MYCYCLING as well as a training tool, becomes an online game and social network.
The great innovation introduced by Zwift is represented by the ability to combine professionalism and precision in training with a lighter and more engaging world like the virtual gaming one.
With Zwift and MYCYCLING you will be able to meet other cyclists and pedal with them, wake up or pass them, MYCYCLING will be able to understand the movements and increase or decrease the endurance according to the situation, recreating the same sensations of a real race.
Zwift will also offer locations and routes, the ability to view other cyclists' workouts or select the Ride option to race.

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