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Let's Move Week 2020: promote exercise and relaunch your club

Everyday Technogym fitness and Wellness solutions help millions of people around the world to move more and have fun with fitness. Every year Technogym launches Let's Move for a Better World, the social campaign conceived to educate all generations about the fight against obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

With Let's Move For a Better World, the more people move individually, the better the world will be collectively.

What is Let's Move for a Better World?

Let's Move for a Better World is Technogym's social campaign that for 6 years has been promoting movement and exercise as the engine for a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, Technogym is now excited to announce the launch of Let's Move Week for 2020! Consisting of seven days of fitness events, challenges and activities taking place both online and offline from 9th – 15th November, members and facilities can take part at the gym, at home or outdoors.

Let's Move Week 2020 promises to be one of the busiest fitness events of the year, with an agenda full of fitness events, challenges and personalised workouts, including both live and on demand. This fitness event involves thousands of gyms, trainers and end users from all over the world.

Let's Move Week is the Technogym social campaign dedicated to movement and is designed to involve anyone who loves fitness and wants to move more. Even if this particular period has imposed special rules or conditions on the activity in your facility, thanks to MyWellness 5.0 and the Stream streaming service, it is possible to take part in Let's Move Week. But that's not all: you can be part of the community by simply uploading workouts to your facility's social media or share those available on Technogym's Instagram.

With Let's Move For a Better World, the more people move individually, the better the world will be collectively.

The aim of this edition is to help the fitness industry regain momentum after these quieter months by involving current members and activating new ones. Promote the benefit of physical and mental health of people by expanding your fitness community.

A world-class event like Let's Move Week plays an essential role in motivating members to attend fitness centres more often and brings a fun dimension to your club while also providing a public relations flywheel that generates even more enthusiasm and promotion at your facility.

  • Join the campaign with your fitness centre: today people are increasingly looking for a social dimension to their fitness. Health has become a priority for many more people, and your facility could see a real boost in activity. From 9th – 15th November thousands of clubs, hotels, companies, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and many more sites, will celebrate exercise by participating in on-site and online activities.
  • Involve your users: plan activities in the gym, on social media and on the MyWellness app. Thanks to the Stream function you can now stream classes live and on-demand directly from your facility.

How Let's Move Week 2020 works

Let's Move for a Better World offers current and potential members the opportunity to experience a week of fitness through fun, accessible and free events and workouts for all. Organise special events at your facility to welcome members back and engage potential new customers like never before.

  • Communication is a fundamental touch point for the success of the event: Technogym has created a Marketing Kit, which can be free downloaded from here, consisting of digital assets such as photos, videos, posters and more to promote the event.
Technogym social media accounts will offer daily fun and engaging workouts with Technogym Master Trainers and international ambassadors. Operators who want to promote the activity quickly and easily can direct users to the Technogym social accounts to follow the workouts.
  • Organise something special at your facility to welcome back your members and engage them like never before.
  • Create social media challenges to promote and spread the message to everyone.
  • Engage your trainers, create new workouts for Let’s Move Week and share them live or on-demand on the MyWellness app.
  • Take advantage of a full training library of Technogym workouts, made available on-demand on the Mywellness app.
  • Use Stream to create a live and on-demand class schedule that your customers can experience wherever they are.

Three good reasons to participate in Let's Move for a Better World 2020

Let's Move for a Better World can help increase loyalty, motivation and participation of members. By focusing on the community of each facility, the campaign helps to strengthen team spirit by encouraging the achievement of a common goal. The 2019 edition brought important results to the participating gyms, with an average increase in attendance of 26% and an average increase of new registrations by 15%. An amazing 86% of the people involved in the centre (both trainers and staff) also noticed an improvement in team spirit during the classes, which consequently improved the working environment and ensured a better atmosphere among the members.

  • Let's Move for a Better World is a unique opportunity to increase loyalty, motivation and attendance of gym members.
  • With Let's Move you will keep your members motivated, reactivate those on standby and you can activate new ones through group exercise, a key factor in keeping your members motivated.
  • Encourage new talents in your staff, it is a means to continuously improve the quality of service and create a positive atmosphere in your club.
Given the great success of the campaign year after year, Technogym has great ambitions for Let's Move for a Better World in 2020. In 2019, 1,373 clubs and 196,558 participants in 32 countries participated in the initiative for a total of 345 million accumulated calories corresponding to 49,300 kg of weight loss.

What and how to communicate to members

Firstly, it’s important to inform members about the date and time of the events and new workouts created by your trainers in good time. Members are likely to have friends who want to attend, so why not try to encourage them and make sure the team considers the best way to turn these newcomers into members. With the communication materials available in the Let's Move Week Marketing Kit, your fitness centre can effectively promote the campaign, both in the gym and on all digital and social communication platforms.

Managing the event in total safety

Before planning your event or launch, the advice is to check and follow local, regional and national Covid-19 safety recommendations to ensure that everything is in order. If the venue is still closed, no problem - everyone can participate in Let's Move! MyWellness 5.0 and social media will support you in activating a successful event.

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