Choose your workout with Kinesis Personal Virtual Trainer

Every action of everyday life leads our body to move and the more the body is trained in certain movements, the lower the risk of trauma or muscle problems. When we use the expression core stability we mean the training of the core or the set of abdominal and lumbar muscles that contribute to the maintenance of posture and stability of the spine.

A trained core makes the body stronger and more stable allowing you to improve sports performance.

What is Kinesis Personal?

Kinesis Personal is the design tool that comes from the perfect synthesis between the experience of the Technogym Research and Development Centre and the style of world-renowned designer, Antonio Citterio. It becomes an iconic furnishing object designed for physical exercise, which allows you to train strength, coordination and flexibility and it allows you to perform over 200 different exercises in just a square metre of space with maximum freedom. Its patented FullGravity technology allows a three-dimensional movement that activates all the kinetic chains of the body thanks to the innovative system of sliding cables with 360° rotation that offers resistance to movement in any direction.
Training with Kinesis is useful for:

  • Improving movements during daily activities and sports training;
  • Improving strength, coordination, flexibility, posture and breathing control;
  • Training the muscles individually and groups of muscles, to make the body stronger by improving flexibility, stability and balance;

Purchasing Kinesis Personal includes the Kinesis box which contains training accessories such as ankle straps, swivel bindings for exercises and a Wellness ball. From the site you can also consult the Kinesis Personal Web App, a dedicated section available to the user that can be saved as a web application to keep on the screen of your smartphone or tablet (available on both android and apple).

Train with Kinesis Personal Web App

With the Kinesis Personal Web App, training at home becomes personalised. The app guides the user through each training session allowing the user to structure a Wellness routine adapted to their needs.
The sections that make up the web app are:

  • Training: video tutorial to perform the exercises;
  • Discover: section dedicated to the discovery of the various parts that make up KINESIS;
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions and answers;
  • Settings: you can select the language (Italian, English, Spanish, German, French).


Within this section there are two main macro-areas and each contains different types of movements.
These are 10 or 20 minutes workouts that can be performed at any time. Inside there are combinations of different exercises to involve all muscle groups. In this section you can choose the training based on the goals that each user wants to achieve including:

  • Start moving: to fight sedentariness, improve coordination and flexibility
  • Tone your body: to tone up all the muscles in the body
  • Lose weight: to lose weight
  • More strength: to increase muscle mass
For each objective there are 3 training levels with various difficulty levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced) for a total of 12 routines. The routines contain a brief overview of all the exercises of the routine, a detailed explanation of the correct posture for the execution of the exercise and a video with explanations.
4 videos of exercises for each part of the body with a total of 51 exercises available. You can select an exercise by filtering by muscle group by clicking on one or more areas of the body you want to train.
Thanks to video tutorials available, you can train a variety of different muscle groups and create your own personalised workout. The video-exercises have a duration of about 30 seconds in which they are shown, from different angles showing the correct posture to maintain and how to execute properly.

Kinesis Gold Brown

After the great success of the Heritage Leather version, Kinesis Personal will be available in a new colour, Gold Brown, to give an extra customisation option and allow the best integration of Kinesis Personal in the environment. Refined leather upholstery and expert craftsmanship minimum make Kinesis an excellent training tool but above all a design element. The panel of the Kinesis Personal Heritage leather version is covered in "first grain" leather which is selected and applied and guarantees a longer lifetime.

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