Julian Eberhard: hard training and new challenges

No matter how many times you fall, it’s how many times you fall and get up.

This quote has been with Julian Eberhard all his life, the 32-year-old biathlete who, since the beginning of his career, has had to suffer setbacks, and had to get back up over and over again. He made his World Cup debut in 2006 but had to wait ten years for his first victory in the top-level series. On March 18, 2016 it was finally time for the Sprint at Chanty-Mansiysk. In between: sweat, tears and years of hard work.
The last season was a wave of mixed emotions: the results in the World Cup have generated the hopes of a medal at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang but the ungrateful fourth place obtained in Korea in the sprint made the dream medal vanish only for few seconds.

Last season was very good in terms of performance. The Olympic medal was missing, it faded away within eight seconds. But this year there is another World Cup, I have worked very hard and I think I'm ready to fight for an individual medal.

Julian Eberhard's future challenges

For three years now, Eberhard has been one of the absolute favourites in all World Cup races. His performances are getting better and better and Julian Eberhard has not yet reached the maximum point he can aspire to. On the contrary, his experience helps him in many situations, including training.

Meanwhile, the disappointments have been elaborated, Julian and his team have reacted lucidly, and it was important to think about new goals to be addressed. That's what motivated him again.

There have been no changes in the structure of his training: I have been able to continue along the tried and tested path, which certainly gives me a lot of confidence. In the meantime, I feel very comfortable, I feel prepared and this is a very positive feeling.
Since 2017, the four-time World Cup winner has been an ambassador for the Technogym brand, the high-quality fitness equipment that plays a key role in his daily life: "For me, training means physical and mental development. The wide range of Technogym products is ideal for me and it's always fun to train.

For Julian, the data provided by the equipment is very important: "In high level sports, it's the details that decide. This way, you can immediately see if you are on the right track," says Eberhard. It's the SKILL LINE that strikes him, the range of products designed to bring athletic performance to the highest level: "It's not just the SKILLBIKE or SKILLRUN, thanks to which I can train my endurance, I also really like training on the SKILLROW rowing machine, the upper part of the body is as important as the legs in cross-country skiing".

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