Are we winning against football injuries?

Avoiding that a player gets injured is an incredibly big challenge in the world of sport. This is particularly true in a very physical sport such as football, where avoiding injuries ensures higher player availability and allows coaches to have the most suitable team possible for a given match.
In the UEFA Champions League (UCL) alone, the unavailability of players to compete a given match due to injury varies between 5% and 20%. Furthermore, at élite levels of male football, the overall match, training and muscle injury rates have remained unchanged, without any significant decrease during the 2000s.
In short, what every expert from the medical, scientific and industrial fitness and football world is asked to do is to decrease the RTP (Ready to play) and injury rates for players and athletes as much as possible and at any cost: if an investment to a new rehabilitation path may be expensive, it may be prohibitive for any sports club to exclude one of its top players for a prolonged time.
Rehabilitation can be an excruciatingly long process

ISOKINETIC conference 2018

As clubs and football associations have clearly stressed out their need to increase quality of player care, academic and industrial leaders of the football and fitness fields are mustering considerable resources to display their latest products or findings and rapidly expand into this growing market niche. That’s why global events such as the Get Together Conference in Amsterdam or the FIFEX in Antalya are getting not only more and more popular, but also more and more populated.
The Isokinetic Conference 2018 is the next big event related to the world of football healthcare. It will be held from June 2nd to 4th at Barcelona FC’s Camp Nou, home of football titans like Messi and Suárez. In this venue, under the auspices of the Isokinetic Medical Group, FIFA medical centre for excellence and Barça Innovation Hub, the most influential members of the fitness and football environments will meet to discuss the outcome of their researches and technological breakthroughs in the implementation of pioneering techniques in preventing, treating and rehabilitating from football injuries.
The event conference will feature panel discussions, poster presentations, sponsored workshops and contests, with the chance for more than 3000 participants to ask questions and engage in discussions with more than 200 world leading experts in the field of football medicine. Furthermore, a vast exhibition will be dedicated to the 47 sponsors of the event, to display state of the art fitness and medical products.

Technogym forerunner in football training technologies

Technogym has always been the forerunner in the technological development of the wellness industry. Clearly, with its deep-rooted Italian heritage the company could not shy away from football. Since 1986, Technogym has been official supplier to AC Milan, helping football players to improve their strength, power and stamina performances or in their rehabilitation from muscle injuries.
Technogym is the Official Supplier to many of the most famous football club in the world
While a gym for football players might have looked peculiar in the 1980s, today the typical footballer who only enjoyed training if it involved non-competitive matches and despised dry training is a thing of the past.
That’s why Technogym, nowadays official supplier to national football teams as well as some of the most renowned football clubs worldwide, among which Inter FC, Chelsea FC and of course Barcelona FC, will be present to the Isokinetic conference 2018. During the conference, the company will display its brand new SKILL LINE, featuring SKILLMILL, SKILLRUN and SKILLROW. This line has been specifically designed to enhance power, resistance and strength for athletes, allowing them to improve their performance in total safety using the SKILLATHLETIC TRAINING method.

The importance of right training to athletes

Though it may seem redundant, training is extremely important and should form an integral part of all elite athlete’s daily routines. In fact, other than to strengthen the body and improve skill levels, training allows athletes to gain technical expertise in the sport they practice.
To this extent, football is no different. From the football star to the Sunday amateur, training indoor and on the field is an essential component of the sport itself. Furthermore, doing the right training to achieve the objectives one is aiming at is just as important as doing each exercise right. Performing an exercise wrong may have both short and long term consequences, and may lead to debilitating injuries
Incrementa injuries can accrue even in the tiniest of exercises
In a UEFA report, the UEFA Elite Club Injury Study, it was assessed that while on average 23 days were lost for the player after a traumatic injury on a football match, 20 days were lost for a cumulative injury, which is the result of either overtraining or bad training carried out over a period of time.

When technology improves practice

Football players are exposed to considerable stress when it comes to running: in a 90 minutes match they need to perform multiple high power tasks, such as sprinting, moving laterally or backwards and changing direction, often in the bat of an eye. As such, they are very likely to suffer from cumulative injuries due to lower body parts overuse or misuse, which contrary to a traumatic injury (like a foul or a fall) can be prevented through training. Furthermore, just like traumatic injuries, cumulative injuries can become potentially debilitating if not treated properly.
Typical example of a traumatic injury
To this extent, in occasion of the ISOKINETIC Conference 2018 Technogym will host a sponsored workshop named “Running efficiency for rehabilitation and performance. When technology improves practice” to reiterate the importance of training in the prevention of and rehabilitation from injuries. An analysis of the SKILL LINE to improve players’ performance while avoiding muscle injuries and as the equipment of choice to help them in their rehabilitation process after an injury will be performed by Francesco Cuzzolin, Director of the Research and Innovation Department at Technogym.
Skillmill is especially indicated to rehabilitation
With Football Medicine and rehabilitation technologies thriving, there is a big push toward increasing resources, complexity, diversity and demand for positive change in player care and performance. Of all periods in football and fitness history, this is the critical moment for training and rehabilitation medicine and science to push its technological boundaries and adopt new and pioneering methods. If it comes to innovation and training methodology, we have to recognise that Technogym's scientific department is pioneering, revolutionary and, above all, able to undertake this new challenge.

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