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Social media for sports: connect with the world and share your passion

Social media for sports can be a great communication tool, if used wisely. A capable communicator can work miracles behind the keypad of a smartphone: they can train to feel good and let everyone know, but above all, they can share their experience with others to help them find the right motivation and maybe even inspire them to follow their example.

To achieve such a goal on social media, a sportsperson must understand what, how and when to share on each social platform, using either a personal profile, a professional one or both. In this editorial, we will provide you with some advice on how to set up your communication strategy on the following social media:

Share your passion!

Facebook: where your sports passion comes to bloom

Facebook is the most popular social media on the planet. Facebook gives users the greatest number of tools at their disposal to share status, photos, videos or stories but also to interact directly with brands both on their pages and 1-to-1 via Messenger.

A sportsperson who wants to create a base of followers can draw inspiration by following pages of other sportspersons, communities of sports fans or pages of sports brands. When you see the images, links and content published, you can get a feel for the tone of the images and content related to a certain sport branch, and then replicate them on your own page.

In our case, Technogym's Facebook page keeps its followers up to date with the latest news from the company, with numerous product photos and videos and with the content published on its blog, associating each content piece with a brief description.

This kind of content publication is an excellent way to establish direct dialogue with those professionally involved in sport, which in our example means talking directly with the Technogym team to discuss or ask for suggestions, while interacting with other fans of the page. The same applies, for example, to the official pages of athletes, activities and teams.

Since the empirical system is the best method of learning, in order not to miss any update and bypass the Facebook algorithm, you must reach the page that interests you and activate the notifications: so you will be sure not to miss even one post. From the same screen you can also set the function "Show first", which will allow you to see the posts published from that page at the top of your news feed.

Instagram: the visual identity of your sport passion

Instagram is the king of social media when it comes for visual content. Instagram is basically a showcase for looking and being seen at the same time. A pleasure for the eyes but also a place to share the so-called passing content, such as the Stories - highly customisable photos or videos that will remain visible for 24 hours.

So how do you find the most interesting contents? The same criteria as Facebook applies: follow sportsmen, teams or characters that you find inspiring. In addition, for some time now, Instagram allows you to follow hashtags - i.e. specific keywords.

Moreover, IGTV, or Instagram TV in layman’s term, allows you to create your own programming and then your own channel. Here is a suggestion: do you want to share your workouts and some tips? Say it with stories. Do you want to help others in a more structured path, with longer videos and be persistent over time? Create an IGTV channel and begin to retain your "viewers". You could maybe think of different "sections", dedicated to wellness through food, body (with training) and mind.

For example, try to explore the stories in Instagram Technogym’s account: you will find stories about events, products but also the possibility to interact with the brand with your questions (collected in the story album "Q&A").

Twitter: the official sports commentator

Of course, we couldn’t skip the most "lean" social media among them all: Twitter. Twitter found its fortune thanks to the ability to quickly share news using just a few characters, but also to know how to aggregate a large number of people around specific content, usually summarised in a hashtag.

Think about what happens when you watch a game on TV: probably more than once, you have commented on Twitter using the hashtag of the match, and you will have found yourself talking to complete strangers about the same - albeit temporary - interest.

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter also has the advantage of allowing anyone to interact directly with brands and athletes, but also to make their voice heard through the intelligent use of hashtags.

Here is our pro-tip: find the hashtags that interest you the most and use them to include you in their conversations or to stay up to date. In addition to this, create lists of accounts that interest you: it will help you to focus only on the content that is relevant to you, since Twitter tends to be a bit 'dispersive with its rapid flow of content.

Looking for examples? Once again, try to take a look at Technogym's Twitter account and the use it makes of hashtags: you'll find all the terms related to the world of fitness and wellness that will allow you to immediately identify the theme of different contents.

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