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How to organise a Christmas Masterclass

December is characterised by the approaching of Christmas and all too familiar feelings; the time left in the gift race is running out, the lights look brighter than ever on dark city nights, your thoughts keep going to the menu of the long-awaited day, the children write long lists for Santa Claus and slowly spread the holiday feeling, sweet warmth emanating from the fireplace.
Fitness clubs remain open, but the desire to toil, sweat, and stretch diminishes for most gym members, not to mention those who have never managed to escape from the embrace of the armchair. Even if they long to find a sense of physical well-being, the desire remains in just a small part of their mind and this is not enough to initiate a change in their lifestyle.

In this period, it is right that every fitness centre should make every effort to react to the trend that leads to a drastic decrease in club presence and the flow of spontaneous people who present themselves independently to ask for information.


  • decline in frequency of visits
  • reduction in turnover from new sales
The number of workouts that each user carries out at the centre establishes their level of loyalty and therefore the probability of renewal.
New sales, on the other hand, represent an important driver for turnover volumes, determined both by the sale of individual subscriptions and referrals linked to them.

Activities planning  for winter holidays

It is not possible to react to seasonal trends without well-structured and targeted planning.
Organising activities at the start of the year, that you want to develop throughout the course of the year is therefore essential to combat the changing seasons and their inevitable changes in user motivation and habits.
The Christmas period, on the other hand, is characterised by the gift race, a sense of celebration and a short holiday. But the cold induces people to stay inside closed spaces, to hide the body under layers of clothing and the lever of physical fitness is difficult to move.
So the Clubs' proposal to contain the decrease in winter must therefore take good account of the forces on the pitch.

Masterclass skill mill

Masterclasses during holidays

The marketing and commercial teams have the opportunity to organise open days at the facility that include; events, outreach, and campaigns that attract users, referrals and spontaneous visits to the club.

Each type of service is once again addressed to a different audience, depending on whether it is organised inside or outside the club, in recreational or sporting contexts; these decisions must therefore also be aimed at targeting the right audience.

What we really want to observe in these pages is the context surrounding the masterclasses during the Christmas period; in light of this we will now take into consideration the levers that move according to the choices made by the club in the organisation of events structured in this circumstance.

First of all, we identify in broad terms what these activities consist of; they are lessons planned differently from the usual daily classes that are held in the clubs.

Where are the lessons organised?

allenamento uno
The first substantial difference: the context.
Within the clubs, it is possible to present the structure, invite people who are already somewhat interested to know the reality of the centre thanks to marketing initiatives or personal motivations and those members already registered.
In order to develop these classes in the best possible way, it is necessary to structure marketing actions aimed at making the event known both internally and externally, and to gather memberships.

Inviting outsiders to understand the culture of the club is certainly positive, in this way the newcomer is able to see with their own eyes if the club could be a good fit for them, and if they see a future there.

In any case, presenting your offer is always a winning move, on these occasions the organised masterclasses have the purpose of attracting interest in a period that we know attention is absorbed by the Christmas context.
The final aim is obviously not only to try out the centre, but also to get in touch with the sales department, which is quickly trained and will aim to turn a positive emotion into a club enrolment.
Masterclass natalizia group cycle
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The reality changes in a rather indicative way if the lessons are proposed in contexts other than the club such as town squares or shopping centres; in these conditions people tend to observe more than to participate, and ultimately without seeing with their own the eyes, the possibilities, the experiential factor is taken away which affects enrolment numbers. Once again, marketing must move to specific contexts accordingly using the right communications.
In order to attract a wider group of potential users, it is necessary to structure the masterclasses using a generic offer, paying attention to the proposed timetables and the type of lessons presented. Just as the program schedule of courses should be structured in order to offer the most suitable services to sections of the population in relation to their needs, the lessons organised during the Christmas period to involve present and future users must also vary in intensity, purpose, timetable and composition in relation to the proportion of people they address.

In this decision-making context, there are indeed many variables to be considered in order to present a coherent and well-targeted offer.

The importance of engagement

No less important is the assignment of each masterclass to specially trained staff, who will be able to make the participants enjoy a real and exciting experience.
A large room, cutting-edge equipment and clean rooms are aspects that today's fitness centre give users to make a difference, and in most cases there are trained, professional and engaging instructors available, attentive to everyone's needs.
In a delicate phase such as the initial phase in which potential users approach the club or even the world of fitness for the first time, it is easy to understand the importance that first impressions make, especially from the instructors.
In this relationship the sales cycle begins, which slowly opens the prospect towards a new environment and a lifestyle that they can start to change and improve.
Understanding the levers that move the users behavioural changes will then allow the commercial in the second phase to deepen the real motivations.
Masterclass Teambeats Technogym
The cyclical nature of this sector leads to swinging moments, the Christmas period as well as the summer season offer the club the opportunity to compete with the outside world, aiming to win a very important challenge dictated by the monthly turnover.
Masterclasses play a decisive role because they offer the club the opportunity to present itself to an extremely wide range of people thanks to the possibility of establishing a relationship with instructors, to propose and combine different disciplines and moments, increasing the chance of success in an extremely significant way.

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