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Prysmian: be happy and fit for work

It has been the main topic of many discussions and the concept concerning the quality of career life is work-life balance: that is, the ability to be able to position a very precise barrier between work - which takes up at least eight of the twenty-four hours available in every day - and someone’s private life - what occupies the remaining hours.
This concept in recent decades has in fact  shown us that this barrier is so difficult to manage because not only is it unnecessary, but not even convenient. Neither for those directly concerned - the workers - nor for those who really count on them: at home and at work.
work life balance
And it is quite recently that the balance has had to give way to a more rounded and meaningful concept: work-life integration.

Because it is everyone's desire to feel well surrounded by their own affections and equally well in the office.

Barriers become harmonious with soft contours

Keeping two such important parts of life separate costs time, effort and stress, and in an age when all of us are connected twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, it is no longer possible to think that we can build barriers between the information of two worlds that want and must communicate with each other.
The information revolution – which has changed our lives forever in recent decades – also teaches us how high the price of that context switch is to be done every time we claim to forget one half of our universe to focus on the other.

Working hours and stress at work

The global, hourless world of work, to which we are now accustomed, and new forms of work such as co-working spaces and remote working increasingly alienate the old concept of 9-to-5, on which that imaginary barrier rested all its heavy foundations.

The exit from the office therefore does not guarantee the actual interruption of work, because we are now accessible at any time for work purposes, and we see that more and more workers even prefer to stop a few more minutes in the workplace. Not without stress, of course.
A stressed worker, with the distinct sensation of not having enough time for himself, will not be able to give 100% even to work.

For this reason, there is an increasingly frequent commitment to welfare programs, a mechanism that offers multiple positive returns also in economic terms for companies.
Supported by research by the international management consultancy McKinsey & Company.

The study showed how employee welfare policies allow: a reduction in absences and illnesses by up to 15% with an annual saving of about 1,350 euros per employee; to plan working days better; to increase productivity by about 5%, which is equivalent to a reduction in expenditure of about 1,600 euros per person; and to reduce the number of months of maternity leave with a corresponding recovery of 1,200 euros per employee.

wellness kitchen
From meal vouchers to the establishment of the company canteen, café corners and recreational areas, to travels, to the awareness that a wellness lifestyle must be promoted every day.
There are many ways in which a company can promote and encourage a healthy working day.
For a worker, having a gym or relaxation room is a source of pride. If the company invests in welfare and wellness policies, the results can only be positive for the employee:

  • greater capacity to manage stress and decrease tension;
  • greater involvement and commitment in the laundry;
  • concentration on the results to be achieved;
  • increasing motivation to work;
  • reduction in abandonment rate.

Prysmian and its focus on wellness

wellness elevator calories
Prysmian, a world leader in the energy and telecommunications market, with something like 140 years of experience behind it, has a clear idea of the link between the serenity of its employees and the results that a team of 21,000 players can achieve.

Focusing on wellness - that Wellness, of which Technogym has been the standard-bearer since 1983 - the virtuous circle of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life as a whole, made up of family, work, leisure and health, began.

For this reason, the project between Technogym and Prysmian was born, with the core concept focusing on the individual and their wellbeing. Taking care of oneself, through a programme of a few months, which embraces nutrition, physical activity and small daily habits and which will help Prysmian to keep motivation high from its employees and workers who together can make a difference.

The first step in this process was the establishment of a program of meetings with an expert in nutrition, able to identify opportunities for improvement and suggesting adjustments in the diet to improve nutrient balance without excessive effort or deprivation.

We are "Born to Move"

We are all born to move, there's no doubt, and thanks to Technogym's products and training programs, each participant has been put in a position to train with method and regularity, taking advantage of over 30 years of experience behind each individual training tool.

The well-known Technogym know-how is joined today by the Apps for the tracking of progress made, and the continuous dialogue with experienced trainers: able to guide through a path of continuous improvement and built to measure for each individual participant.

Equipment, tools and services that together form a unique solution on the market to illuminate the road to wellness.

wellness meeting

Step by step

Through custom-designed and constantly monitored paths, within three or four months the participants in Prysmian's Corporate Wellness programme were able to put into practice a long series of small improvements that have made a difference every day over time.

For example, instead of sipping coffee comfortably seated at the nearest corner, it’s about choosing the dispenser farthest away from your station and walking there, quickly.
Then the meeting on the third floor, becomes an opportunity to add a few flights of stairs to the daily count: small things that added up – you know – become great.

step be fit

Get back in touch with your true self

As the program progresses, the results come in terms of physical fitness and well-being, which then become self-esteem, security, energy and a desire to do things. A physical and psychological discovery of oneself that instead of costing fatigue and taking time, they have given infinitely better quality of life.

A virtuous circle: you enter the office smiling in the morning, and return home in the evening continuing to smile. Without noticing it through so many small bricks stuck together day after day, and thanks to the help of experienced professionals, it has become even happier.


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