Group Cycle live session: the incredible ride of Solinca Club at the Coliseo in Porto

Cardio training is often associated with the concept that the more distance you do, the more toned and in shape you are and feel. The idea may be perfectly logical, but it is also true that the human body has a great capacity for adaptation. This means that the more efficient the body is, the more used it gets to a certain routine. In order to achieve new results it is necessary to get out of the comfort zone and put it to the test, varying as much as possible the training to prevent adaptation and thus activate the metabolism, burning fat and improving endurance. If all this happens while having fun, with music and above all you are guided by professionals, the result is almost guaranteed.

The human body has a great capacity for adaptation.

Three hundred Group Cycle to the rhythm of rock music

A good way to reach your body’s limit is with the Technogym Group Cycle, a cardio indoor bike training solution for a complete cardio workout that allows you to manage your workout, alone at home or in a group class setting, in a totally personalized way and always according to your performance needs. With Group Cycle it is possible to reproduce the sensation of cycling on the road and experience the same emotions that a cyclist usually wants to experience during training or a race.
Competent instructors, motivators and energy-transmitters combined with immersive music make indoor cycling sessions both fun and effective.
Group Cycling has no complicated techniques and allows each participant to work, so that everyone can get the most out of the session. Regardless of whether it is in form, flexibility or coordination. You don't even need to know how to ride a road bike: just get on the saddle, set your endurance to a level that allows you to work and let the Group Cycling Coach create an incredible ride.

The music and design chosen to set the workout with Technogym's Group Cycle are essential for creating the right atmosphere, capable of involving and dictating the rhythm of the ride.

The ride staged at the Coliseo di Porto

A grandiose event, three hundred hearts beating at the same rhythm, muscles contracting, bodies struggling to get up on the pedals to stay in rhythm. The entire parterre is transformed into an anomalous wave made by energetic and rhythmic pedalling, low heads and total concentration at the Coliseo di Porto to the sound of rock music.
On the 5th of May, the monumental ride experience with Group Cycle was organised by the Solinca Wellness Clubs, which together with Technogym created one of the largest Group Cycle Classes in the world in the imposing setting of the Coliseo di Porto.
The venue, usually dedicated to live music which is classical and light, hosted on stage two great guests of the Portuguese scene, the Portuguese electro rock hero Slimmy and Re Nuno Norte Undercover, two bands who performed live in front of 300 cyclists members of the Solinca Fitness Club who had previously registered and took turns at the bikes demonstrating all their dedication to this unique and effective specialty for an unforgettable cardio workout.

Indoor Cycling Lessons

Group cycling lessons make it more fun to ride a bike or exercise bike, adding variety and specific goals to your workout. A stimulating group environment, energizing music and inspirational instructors make group cycling an incredible experience.
Training intensity varies throughout the class, sudden changes in body position, pedal speed and endurance when the instructor requests it. Music is functional to motivation, it helps to keep energy high and to push oneself to the maximum. Group Cycling lessons can burn up to 900 calories per hour of training.
Apart from the energy of the group and the music, the bikes themselves make the group's indoor cycling lessons really effective. Group Cycle, are equipped with a flywheel with a resistance system that uses the strongest type of existing magnets, to ensure a smooth ride by increasing the speed while pedalling. Saddles and handlebars are adjustable, so you feel like you are riding a real bicycle.
Group Cycling combines the tradition of cycling and biomechanics and an all-Italian design inspired by cycling. The result is unique style, tailored comfort and exceptional attention to detail. Technogym Group Cycle has a technically fixed gear, with the flywheel and pedals dependent on each other, and a mechanical resistance that allows you to vary the intensity of the training session gradually and safely.

Training Measurements and Monitoring

Wearing a heart rate monitor during a Group Cycling session will help you get the most out of your workout. With Group Cycle Connect, you can get feedback during and after workout using parameters such as heart rate, speed, distance and calories burned.
Cadence - the speed of pedal rotation - is an important principle of indoor cycling. Cycling at a higher rate consumes more energy than cycling at a lower rate with the same resistance. The optimum cadence is between 80 and 110 rpm. And it's on this parameter that all Group Cycling workouts are based.

Group Cycle emotions around the world

We have had the opportunity to describe how a Group Cycle Class is an exciting experience, both for those who practice biking and for those who attend this collective ritual of wellness as a spectator: for example, last year, an exciting ride during the 2017 edition of Rimini Wellness, 200 registered people pushed and motivated by the advice of Alfredo Venturi, italian indoor cycling guru who actively collaborated on the creation of Group Cycle, gave life to something unique. "I'm going to tell you a story: not in words, but by pedalling," - said Venturi - "Our ride will face a difficult mountain to climb" made of hard work, concentration, emotion.

Group Cycle is the perfect stationary bike to overcome its limits: in 2016 one of the world's largest Group Cycle classes beat the Guinness World Record for more energy produced by pedalling on static bikes in an hour. The event saw the alternation of 300 cyclists on 105 bikes in Dubai.

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