Live the summer in Wellness in Porto Cervo with the Good Morning Training

The doors of the Technogym Summer Store in Porto Cervo have been open for a week and there are plenty of moments to dedicate to wellness and training. With the arrival of the summer season the risk of reducing or in the most extreme cases abandoning training is just around the corner; it is certainly important to take advantage of the holiday period to rest but without giving up precious time for physical and psychological well-being.

Every Saturday morning from 8am to 9am with the "Good Morning Training", Technogym offers the opportunity to train in the beautiful setting of the Costa Smeralda Waterfront project to live the summer in Wellness.

It starts with the muscular awakening circuit (45 minutes) within which alternate exercises that are useful to train the stability of the core and to tone the body are performed. The stability of the core is an important component for the physical well-being of each person and the result of simultaneous and coordinated interaction of the muscles present at the level of the core. Toning is important to support and protect the joints from wrong movements, a joint supported by strong muscles, in fact, is subject to fewer injuries than one supported by weak muscles.

At the end of the circuit we move on to the stretching phase useful to reduce muscle tension, reduce pain and contractures but above all to improve blood circulation, coordination and have greater awareness of your body.

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Technogym products in the Summer Store in Porto Cervo

Technogym products are used for training, including Wellness Ball Active Sitting, Wellness Mat and SKILLTOOLS. Inside the store you can also try products from the Personal line, designed by Antonio Citterio. These include; a selection of products for cardio training and strength such as Cross Personal, the cross trainer equipped with UNITY. Run Personal, the treadmill that combines cutting-edge technology and innovative materials to offer professional cardio training and entertainment during the run. Recline Personal, a bike reclined by unique design and technology and Technogym’s design icon – Kinesis, which you can perform more than 200 exercises to train strength, balance and flexibility.

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