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Train flexibility and enhance talent in golf

by Gabriele Ferraresi / LUZ
A challenge with oneself and that’s before a challenge with opponents, a battle in the mirror that is fought alone, concentrating on nature and silence: this is golf and Matteo Maronati at twenty years old, a golfer more or less since he started walking, knows it well: "My history with golf? It started in Bormio through a friend of dad's, I was four and a half years old! I was small without much of a clue and at the beginning; I was even teased a little as all my peers were playing football or basketball".
Today Matteo Maronati, looking at his Instagram account took his revenge. Growing up on the greens as a child with his father, today he competes on golf lawns all over Italy. He is a member of the legendary Golf Club Barlassina, in the province of Milan: he was chosen by Michelangelo Antonioni to shoot the film, La Notte - Matteo Maronati is a boy who has chosen a different sport, a sport that common sense would like to say is exclusive and a bit 'snobbish, even if the reality is very different: "As for golf as a "sport for few", I'm not convinced! Compared to many other sports such as horseback riding, motocross or track, or even the simple go-kart, golf is cheaper.

Getting started with Golf: Matteo Maronati's advice

How much does it cost to try your hand at the green? First, you need to join a club, and the annual fixed fee varies from 1,000, 3,000, 5,000 euros, depending on where you join - confirm Matteo Maronati. Then you have to consider the sale of a golf bag, which can last a year or twenty years, then you have to take the balls and tees [the "pegs" that support the ball at the time of the first shot, ed], but are a few dozen euros.

Then, of course, there is the clothing: The clothing goes from casual, cheap, up to crazy prices - explains Matteo Maronati - but in golf as in all sports: even in football there are very expensive shoes. Golf is a sport that can be approached.

The best and the worst thing about your sport, according to Matteo Maronati, are the possibility to travel and the technical difficulty of this sport. The best thing is that you travel the world and see crazy places, and then you're in contact with nature: although I'm allergic, but well! Laughs] The bad thing is that golf is a very difficult sport, complex, both physically and mentally.
In what way is golf a difficult sport from a mental point of view? It's not a sport where you go to play and let off steam, says Matteo Maronati. I go and get angry even more than I should, I come home angrier than I was before! Maybe when you're on a field practicing and shooting without a goal there yes, you vent, but in the field then it's not a matter of venting. It's like you're studying and working, there's a lot of concentration.

What passes in Matteo Maronati's head before a swing?

Speaking of concentration and above all precision, it's interesting to know what goes on in Matteo Maronati's head when he's about to swing. It depends on what shot you have to do and what you're going to meet. When you're about to shoot you always do mental tests that are different for each player since each of us has a different swing. In my case, I know that I have a little "mistake" that if done in a certain way, gives great results. I mentally repeat this exercise - which is stupid - a couple of times and then I put myself on the ball. Let's say that's what happens under ideal conditions.
But not always the conditions are good, explains Matteo. The example I gave you is valid when I take my first shot. Then there are many other occasions when maybe you're under the trees in the woods and you must turn the ball low and do many metres ... there you think of other things. Then you might find yourself having to leave a bunker, and in that case, the ball must stop immediately because otherwise, it's long, so you focus on another type of swing and so find another reasoning.

Flexibility is the most important quality of a golf player. The risk - if a player is not properly trained - is to expose himself to the risk of injury, especially to the knee.

Is it never the same shot? No, never. Each hole is always a different shot. You must understand the situation, the wind, the grass, where to hit the ball, you must visualise the shot before shooting. In my opinion, visualisation techniques are also very useful in golf, even if not everyone plays them.
See the shot before you do it, display the ball in the hole, or at least as close as possible. That's the secret. I know many skiers who close their eyes and "resume" the course with their thoughts: golfers do not close their eyes, but looking at the flag they see the shot, where it should start, where it should fly to where it should land. Me and most of the golfers I know, know to do this. Then everything varies according to the shot you must do: if it's an easy and straight shot, you put yourself there, you take the direction and you shoot without much thought.

Golf will also be in contact with nature and relaxing, but the concentration you need to win is not easy to achieve and you get it with fatigue and with years and years of training

While if you are in the woods and you are in difficulty, you think more and pay more attention to the visualisation of the shot, you do a thousand thoughts, you try to test all the variables. If I take that branch, what happens? If I don't take it, where does the ball end up? Make assumptions in less than a minute. So much for a relaxing sport.

How much you train to play golf at the levels of Matteo Maronati is soon said: I'm doing a course with my coach and my physiotherapist to increase elasticity and try to improve and lower my handicap, which is now at 3.8 [very good] but not easy.

Matteo Maronati generally trains from three to four times a week but also depends a lot on the study. "Usually then Saturday and Sunday there is the actual race. If I'm in the Lombardy area I sleep at home and leave early in the morning, if they are out of reach races we start on Thursday or Friday, so the day before I can also do a field test. It depends on the importance of competition.
Summing up Matteo Maronati's thought golf will also be in contact with nature and relaxing, but the concentration you need to win is not easy to achieve and you get it with effort and with years and years of training. Practiced without too much ambition, but is golf a sport for everyone? Yes, as an amateur game for someone who wants to have fun, in my opinion, it can be a sport for everyone. It's a niche sport, of course, but because few people play, not because it costs so much! Once you become a member of a club it's like tennis, you're inside and you can play as much as you want.

Training flexibility in golf

Flexibility is the most important quality of a golf player. The risk - if a player is not trained - is to expose himself to the risk of injury, especially to the knee. This is because the asymmetry and repetitiveness of the gestures required of the golfer can wear out joints, muscles, and tendons over time. Therefore, it is important to maintain a toned, trained and flexible body.
Regular stretching and joint mobility exercises at the end of the workout will greatly help the fluidity and softness of the athletic gesture. An effective training routine in golf allows you to strengthen muscle tone specifically for competitive practice: also, to aerobic training, the routine has been designed to strengthen muscle tone and improve performance during the game.

Flexability for golf flexibility

With Flexability, Technogym makes stretching measurable. Technogym's Flexability line works on the main muscle groups of the lower limbs, pelvis, and trunk in the same movement. This will allow simultaneous elongation, reducing the duration of the exercise, but not its effectiveness.
Anterior Flexability: allungamento con ginocchio flesso
The muscle stretches gradually with the intervention of the same body weight, for a more natural stretching. While stretching, it is possible to measure and see in real time the progress of muscle flexibility, thanks to a measurer that will help the user to remain motivated in achieving his goals. The comfort and design make the Flexability line a solution suitable for all types of contexts, from domestic to professional.
Allungamento con ginocchio flesso

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