Glutes training: the secret behind your leg day

We all workout for different reasons. Perhaps, you have a certain aesthetic goal in mind, or maybe you’re trying to improve your physical fitness. Whatever your purpose may be, it’s important to give your lower body the attention it deserves — specifically your glutes. Strong glutes are important for everything from pelvic alignment to overall support and getting us from point A to point B.

When we talk about the ‘glutes’ we are actually referring to three main muscles that, together, form the buttocks — the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus,” says a certified personal trainer based in the US. ”These muscles work together to allow various functions of the hip joint such as extension, abduction, lateral (external) rotation and medial (internal) rotation.

There has been a dramatic interest in training the derriere in recent years, sparked by fitness influencers like Jen Selter to A-listers like the Kardashians. Individuals are even going as far as getting plastic surgery, from implants to fat injections, to perk up their backside. Just last year, the Brazilian butt lift was the hottest growing plastic surgery procedure in 2018, according to an annual report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. To date on Instagram, there are more than 5.9 million tags for #glutes and 16.3 million tags for #squats.

But training the body’s lower half is not reserved for fitness influencers and bikini models alone — both men and women of all levels can benefit from strengthening and developing these muscles. A training program that encompasses glute work can help to protect the lower back and hips from pain and injury and improve posture. Plus, since they’re the largest muscle in the body, this means that the glutes require more energy, and in turn — you’re burning more calories in the process and catapulting your metabolic rate for hours, according to research.

Note: If you’re not already including glute training in your regular routine, it’s important not to take on too much too quickly. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recommends that typically, you wait at least 48 hours between training the same muscle group twice.

Glute Builder Training, the perfect solution to stay healthy and toned

When it comes to selecting lower body-friendly exercises, we're all used to start with bodyweight only and then progress to using weights and machines from there - that's true, but technology and high-quality products can make easier the way to reach your goal.

Among the exercised that target the glutes there are some essential ones such as squat, leg and hip abduction, hip thrust, rear kick (or Donkey Kick/Kneeling Leg Lift), or even Kneeling Leg Curl with elastic or Lying Leg Curl with fitball. All exercises that can be done with fitness tools or dumbbells, but can be risky if not performed perfectly and without a guide.

This is why Technogym has put together the most effective concept in the market: the Glute Builder Training. Five dedicated pieces biomechanically crafted to target glute development. Built with the experience of top-level athletes and coaches and the Technogym's know-how, Glute Builder Training strengthens the lower body while also creating amazing shape.
Easy and super effective, build it up.

Hack Squat: the absolute tool for lower body development

Reap the benefits of squatting without hazards or hardships with the Pure Hack Squat. The automatic safety stop and the extra-large foot platform allow to safely perform varieties of squats and lunges. Exploit the loading and de-loading elastic band anchors to finely tune the resistance profile to fit your needs.

Standing Abductor: maximize glute activation

Progress in your glutes training using plates overload. The tailor-made physio cam of the Pure Standing Abductor and the elastic band anchors allows optimal activation of the glutes through the whole range of movement. The big pads and handles ensure superior comfort for all users without adjustments.

Hip Thrust: laser-focused glutes training

The Pure Hip Thrust redefines one of an all-time favourite. The big, multi-angle foot platform offers 3 different footholds for diversified muscle activation. The ergonomic pelvic pad can be opened with a simple turn, making the equipment easily accessible and removing any undesired pressure in the pelvic area.

Rear Kick: Unleash your lower body potential

A unique, multi-joint movement. The biomechanics of the Pure Rear Kick and its large foot platform allows for a variety of exercises to train both the glutes and the entire lower body. The body print system, featured in the pelvic and ground leg pad, ensure maximal comfort and stabilization for your body.

Standing Leg Curl: the whole posterior chain matters

Training the hamstrings is not optional in your glutes training.  The pads placement on the Standing Leg Curl determines a slight extension of the hip, preserving the spine and enhancing muscle activation. For the advanced users, the lever is equipped with a handle for performing assisted eccentric training.

There are so many reasons to train your glutes – aesthetics, strength, power, stability.
Each reason deserves attention and care from professional and trainers, every external aspect holds an inner desire that only if satisfied is able to give us and increase our self-confidence. That's why you should ask for the best at your gym.

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