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Glamping: luxury in the middle of nature

Many people would like to spend more time in nature, but not everyone has the pioneering spirit for adventure or the will to put up tents especially in the presence of young children who make every task take twice as long. In order not to give up a regenerative break in the wilderness, the spread of eco-sustainable structures which are organic to the territory but which remain very, very chic are available to try.

Traditional campsites generally offer the possibility of immersing oneself in nature at an affordable price and giving the thrill of discomfort, cold and the chairs that tip over around the fire. Not to mention the unavoidable water that enters the tent when it rains. For nature lovers, but those who are less loving of Spartan accommodation and mile-long power extensions, an alternative exists of good design, luxury and comfort.

What is glamping?

Camping in nature with all the comforts of a luxury hotel, including real beds, designer furnishings and service staff, is nothing new from the 19th century noblemen's safaris in Africa, but the colonial impetus of this type of holiday has made it fall into oblivion. Throughout the twentieth century, luxury holidays focused on offering the same high quality experience around the world, with few variations in design and offer.
The concept of luxury travel has been enriched with more options and nuances than simply being by the pool with a fruit cocktail and a masseur, going as far as touching the typical experiences of the cheapest holidays. In recent years, a type of accommodation that combines the comforts of a luxury hotel with the contact with nature has spread throughout the world: glamping.

What is glamping? The term comes from the union between the terms glamour and camping and indicates the hybrid between tent and resort that has become a widespread fashion and has led to the creation of many new dedicated spaces, with various price ranges and different proposals.

These are usually spacious tents, with insect panels, wool carpets for greater thermal insulation and good lighting. The basic structures have folding beds and inflatable mattresses, but from there you can only grow in elegance, different styles and options of furniture, as long as the result is eco-sustainable and well integrated with the surrounding environment.
Luxury campsites offer not only dream accommodation but, depending on the destination, many different activities, such as hiking, rafting, kayaking and zip lining, all accompanied by experienced local guides, who often help to live a much deeper experience of the park you visit.

The luxury camping experience, between innovation and design

Architects are the first to be called to the test of glamping. They are committed to the challenge of combining function, beauty, adaptation and organic integration with the natural or urban environment. Yes, also urban because - despite the pollution, the noise and, above all, the massive presence of other human beings, glamping has also established itself in the city.

It's not just about beautiful tents or luxurious reinterpretations of traditional houses - like the yurts - but about real advanced technological projects. In 2018, the intelligent micro-suite project Eden Luxury Portable Suite won the Iconic Awards in the Innovative Architecture category, a decisive evolution in the field of sustainable bio-building.

We are talking about a modular construction that uses solar energy, suitable for installation in the most inaccessible and scenic locations, on top of a cliff or hanging from two thousand meters high, in the mountains, by the sea or the lake, in a forest or in any natural environment, completely autonomous and ready to use, without the need for connections of any kind. Eco-sustainable of course, but luxurious: the structure can be easily transported, either by road or helicopter and is already assembled and complete with interior, ready to be inhabited. Who said that adventures must be uncomfortable?

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