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The art of gymnastics in the Wellness Valley

Technogym - the leading Italian company in fitness, wellness and sport solutions, and the Wellness Foundation, the institution with the aim of promoting the idea of wellness and quality of lifestyle worldwide, will host at Technogym’s Village in Cesena the VIII Convention “Girolamo Mercuriale”, one of the most important Italian events on sports medicine education.

The event, whose name is dedicated to the Late Renaissance doctor from Forlì who conceptualized modern sports medicine, will take place on October 22 and 23 at Technogym Headquarters in Cesena, just a few kilometres far from Mercuriale’s hometown. Bridging between a century’s old theory and modern science, it will focus on the new frontier of sports medicine as a mean to create and foster new research and business opportunities.

The VIII Convention “Girolamo Mercuriale”, a glance into the future of sports medicine

This year, among many other initiatives rolled out in the Emilia Romagna region, Technogym has been chosen as the host of one of the most influential event in the industry of sports medicine: the VIII Convention “Girolamo Mercuriale”. This event, dedicated to the father of sports medicine, will focus on novel ways to create and enhance business opportunities linked to health and physical exercise.
Physical exercise is an integral part of everyday life
Many representatives from the most influential national and international health institutions will attend the convention. Among them, Francesca Racioppi from the World Health Organisation, who will discuss about the Global action plan for the promotion of physical activity and Alessandro Zennaro from Emilia Romagna region, with a lecture on the training of general medicine doctors. The convention will also feature speeches from the President of Emilia Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini, and the region’s Healthcare Councillor, Sergio Venturi.

This is going to be the most important national event organized by the Region and it will take place in Cesena Nerio Alessandri, Founder and President of Technogym

With this initiative, the Emilia Romagna Region intends to offer doctors, health workers, administrators and operators in the sector an opportunity to stay updated and informed on cross-sectorial issues related to scientific evidence, strategies and experiences.

As a tradition, the course is divided into several sections dealing with clinical and public health issues. Particular attention has been paid to reflect on how novel practices and initiatives have been translated into actions, plans and strategies at local, national and international levels.

The campaign Let's move for a better world wants to make you move
The wish is to let new ideas emerge, to disseminate good practices and to encourage the development of the new Regional Prevention Plan, whose elaboration will start next year.

450 years of Wellness

Romagna, 1569

A doctor from Forlì, fresh from his political mission in Rome, published one of the most important medical treaties in the history of medicine: De arte gymnastica. His name was Girolamo Mercuriale, and today he is considered as the father of sports medicine.
Roman Mosaics of women training, villa del Casale, Piazza Armerina, Sicily
Thanks to his connections with the high clergy in Rome, during his mission Girolamo was granted access to the Vatican Library, where he enthusiastically read through the scrolls of the ancient Romans and Greeks. His findings on the attitudes of the ancients toward diet, exercise and hygiene, and the use of natural methods for the cure of disease, commonly paraphrased with the maxim “mens sana in corpore sano”, made him understand the importance of gymnastics in healthcare, which he later rebranded as medical gymnastics.

The science of gymnastics is the discipline that contemplates every kind of physical exercise, indicating its specific characteristics, and that aims at preserving good health, as well as the acquisition and preservation of a perfect physical shape. De arte gymnastica, book I, p.13

More into detail, medical gymnastics is that discipline inspired by the intrinsic nature of every human being, who is prone to movement and fatigue, allowing the individual to perform his movements whilst keeping his body healthy and in shape.
excerpt from ``de arte gymnastica``
Naturally, his magnum opus led him to fame and awarded him the chair of Practical Medicine at the University of Padua, one of the most prestigious scientific universities in Europe. The treaty, consisting of six books, is today widely recognized as the first medical treaty on sports medicine. His explanations on the principles and effects that physical therapy have on both healthy and sick people have contributed to push forward medical knowledge from medieval obsolescence and have become the groundwork of modern sports studies.

Romagna, present day

Mercuriale’s ideas, snowballing through the centuries, have come to be the founding pillar in the idea of Wellness that Technogym and the Wellness Foundation promote. For Technogym, gymnastics is not solely a mean to enhance physical performance, but a functional component to maintain and improve one’s own wellbeing.

The very concept of Wellness proposed by Technogym and the Wellness Foundation is a combination of physical activity, diet and positive mental approach. In fact, gymnastics and more broadly speaking any kind of physical activity, if combined with a balanced diet and a positive mental approach towards life are the key components to a healthy lifestyle. This balance has been graphed out in the Wellness Pyramid, a simple and effective scheme that displays the requirements of physical activity necessary to carry out a specific diet.

The Wellness Pyramid is an equilibrium of positive attitude, healthy nutrition and physical exercise
Furthermore, Technogym Wellness proposal culminated with the creation of the Wellness Valley, the project that aims to make the region of Romagna the worldwide leading district in Wellness expertise and quality of life. This initiative, spearheaded in 2002 by Nerio Alessandri, founder and president of Technogym, aims at gathering all the most relevant stakeholders in the world of wellness and at developing a network of local, national and international realities through initiatives and events.
Depiction of the wellness valley
The last of these events has been the Global Wellness Summit 2018, the foremost gathering of international leaders in the $4.2 trillion global wellness economy, with more than 630 invitation-only delegates hailing from 50 countries coming together to Technogym Headquarters in Cesena, the beating heart and capital of the Wellness Valley.

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