How to get in shape for the Summer

Winter can be a great excuse to stay at home, especially when you feel warm and cosy under protective layers of clothing. Which can also be a perfect cover for those excess pounds.

Your vacation is booked, you've shopped for a summer wardrobe and your suntan cream, but is your body beach-ready? If not, now's the time to set yourself some weight loss and fitness goals.

You can still get back in shape. To that end, fitness at home, if supported by a healthy lifestyle, is an excellent way to do it before summer comes.

If you want to lose weight for the summer, switch out your winter diet for salads and fresh fruit, and start some workouts on your home gym equipment. While running and cycling outside are great fun in the summer months, using home treadmills and exercise bikes help you plan tailored workouts for losing weight while letting you keep an eye on your stats and progress.

Follow this quick guide on How to get in shape for Summer and when your vacation comes around, you'll not only look great but feel great too.

Let's start with small steps

Pay attention to nutrition: here an example of a diet for losing weight rapidly

In recent months have we indulged in lavish feasts and junk food? Have we forgotten to eat our fruits and vegetables? Have we drunk more alcohol than usual? Our bodies do notice this lifestyle. And a correct diet is the fuel for training.

There is no magic solution - weight loss always involves a combination of cutting back on the calories and exercise. Alongside, your aerobic and resistance exercise, the Best Diet to Lose Weight Rapidly is a healthy one. Cut out the fast-food takeaways and instead, eat a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, fiber, protein, healthy fats, and some carbohydrates. Eliminate as much sugar as possible from your diet (we know - it's hard if you have a sweet tooth) as well as processed food such as ready meals and sausages.

Other dietary tricks are thinking about when you eat - the earlier in the day the better. This allows your body to metabolize food efficiently rather than laying down fat stores while you snore. Swap out your morning toast and cereal and take protein on board in the morning by having eggs for breakfast. If you do, you're less likely to feel hungry and snack mid-morning.

eat well to get in shape
Also, great, and tasty for breakfast and lunch are homemade smoothies and juices. The combinations are endless but experiment with beetroot, carrots, apples, and lemons for a healthy shot of Vitamin A and carotenoids. Throw in some spinach or kale, both excellent for muscle repair and performance. If you still feel the need for a sweet treat, mix some Greek yogurt- recommended by elite athletes for flat abs with fresh fruit. Yogurts contain probiotic bacteria which reduce flatulence and constipation, helping with the appearance of your beach-ready belly.
Drink a lot
Avoid alcohol in preference for water and still, fresh fruit juices. Two litres of water a day will help to recover the fluids lost while training. It will also avoid dehydration, the enemy of a healthy body. Drinking water also aids digestion which, in turn, helps with your weight loss.

What must we do to get back in shape?

Any form of training is preferable to staying on the sofa. The secret to getting back in shape quickly and seeing the results in the mirror is to combine aerobic with anaerobic activity.



Anaerobic activity is where you undergo intense effort for a short period of time. Here is where the body does not use oxygen, as in strength training, for example.

Aerobic exercise instead uses oxygen as a fuel. The greater the quantity of oxygen supplied to the muscles, the more you will be in shape. Oxygen provides energy for extended low to medium intensity exercise.

What aerobic activities can we start with?

  • Walking
  • Jogging and Running
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

Aerobic exercise is an infallible method for burning fat and helping lose weight. If carried out on a continual basis!

If done for relatively long periods, it will allow getting back in shape, but especially:

  • internally, aerobic exercise improves heart and lung efficiency;
  • peripherally, it improves the capacity to use oxygen and oxidise fats.

After all these good intentions, it now comes down to you. By definitively freeing ourselves from our excuses, we can find the most suitable training.

Working out at home: the best answer to get back in shape

Although summer is here, our working hours are no more flexible and often you are staying at the office even later. Perhaps you live some way from open spaces and, once at home, you have to go out again to train. Fortunately, there are many solutions for indoor training. Thanks to the use of ever more advanced technology, you can take part in any type of training.

Training at home is the answer. Unrestricted. Independent. Free. Training at home is the smart way. Aerobic training at home requires equipment. Especially if designed to make training sessions unique and enjoyable. Say hi to running machines, bikes and cross trainers!

shoes and music to get in shape

How to Lose Weight Before the Summer with a Treadmill

There is no big secret about how to lose weight before the summer - you simply have to burn off more calories than you eat.

The first item for domestic aerobic activity has to be the treadmill. Running is a fundamental way to get back in shape. Running is a natural movement and posture for everyone, but there are different levels of intensity.

You can go from a light to a very intense rhythm, but that isn't all. Everyone has their own unique stride, cadence, and oscillation. These parameters should be monitored while running. So, we need a device that can measure them.

TECHNOGYM has recently introduced a new concept for the home treadmill: Myrun, a running machine designed by professional runners for those who love to run.

Continual improvement of running is also based on refinement of technique. Myrun is a treadmill designed to offer pure pleasure in running, by customising the programs.
Its main feature is its technology. Myrun is a treadmill that can measure cadence, stride length and vertical oscillation. The native app provides readings on the runner's movement in real time. This app provides continual monitoring of running parameters.

Depending on the way we run, the innovative running surface of the treadmill softens the impact of heavier and slower runners and is reactive to the faster runners. This is the best way to reduce the risk of injury.

Driven by the Myrun App you can improve running efficiency by increasing cadence, running with shorter and more frequent steps. The running rate will allow you to monitor these parameters for learning to preserve energy. Training will be simple and intuitive whether you are preparing for a 5 km race or for greater distances.

Music can also be a welcome support, thanks to the Running Music function. This function allows you to select songs from your playlists automatically. Each song will be launched by the program to adapt it to the running in real time.

With Running Logbook you will also be able to replicate a session or a run outdoors. You will be able to relive favourite courses directly in your living room. Myrun will help to keep your motivation high for training at home, and achieving your goal will be a joy.


  • Running at a fast pace (or a short course) for 10 minutes.
  • Set the slope to the maximum value and without holding the handles, do a minute of running with a longer stride. It's an excellent strength workout.
  • Reset the slope to 0 for two minutes.
  • Repeat the exercise for one minute at maximum slope.
  • Repeat two or three times.
  • This is an excellent general aerobic or leg strength workout.

Running and walking have too great an impact? You can always pedal

Never forget your goal: getting back in shape. As we are well aware, aerobic activity is fundamental for getting back in shape. Finding the one you like most will allow you to train at home enjoyably. An enjoyable ride is a great alternative to running.

How to Lose Belly Fat Before Summer with an Exercise Bike

Pedalling is the perfect combination of human and mechanical effort. It is a circular and rhythmic movement starting from the power of the legs, transferring energy to the pedal, chain and then wheels.

Each revolution of the pedals involves all of the lower muscles of our body, and also the abdominal and dorsal muscles. Sitting on the saddle means no excessive trauma on the hips, knees and ankles. This allows us to work free from the weight of our body.

Here are 4 good reasons to choose bike training:

  • Does not overload the knees
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Strengthens all muscles of the legs
  • Trains you to handle fatigue

A domestic exercise bike is the ideal piece of equipment. And getting back in shape with Bike Forma is even more ideal.

Toning the leg and glute muscles is one of the essential requirements of improving performance. Bike Forma is the closest experience to pedalling, silently and stably. The right tool with the three cycling positions adapts perfectly to any training requirement.

Have some stubborn belly fat clinging on? This may be subcutaneous fat sitting just beneath the skin that you can pinch it with your fingers, or it may be deeper visceral fat.

This fat surrounds your organs and can be dangerous to your health, increasing your risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes - an added incentive to shift it. The good news is that just 30 minutes a day on your static exercise bike can help you burn off both types of belly fat.

The best tips for How to Lose belly Fat Before Summer on your exercise bike are consistency and intensity. Try and use it every day, pushing yourself to go further and faster as well as making use of the incline features, you'll find on your Technogym Exercise Bike. Using the incline feature works your muscles harder meaning you burn up more calories in less time. Experiment until you find an incline that lets you work at maximum capacity or just beyond it.

Pedalling is the most effective movement for burning calories and toning the leg and glute muscles. Silent and stable, Bike Forma can be used in multiple ways, it's up to you to decide on the intensity of your home training:

  • Race position – for lovers of intense effort. Made more comfortable by the integrated "aero" bars;
  • City bike position – straight back and extended arms. Heart rate can be monitored during exercise thanks to the Hand Sensor
Training at home with Recline Forma, can be very effective without giving up on comfort, to relax from the more chaotic days without giving up training.
With its wide walk-through and comfortable seat, Recline Forma is the perfect solution if you suffer from back pain or limited mobility and wish to do moderate cardio exercise.
The ease of access and seat comfort are ideal for those who suffer from back pain. Ease of pedalling and monitoring technology add motivation and help extend your home training sessions. Training at home on either Bike Forma or Recline Forma can bring clear results sooner than you think:

  • toning of the lower limbs
  • weight loss

Have you ever heard of cross training?

Treadmills and bikes have been around for decades. Those who are looking for training methods at home might need something else. Moreover, we always have less time for ourselves. A cross trainer may be the perfect solution.


Cross training means involving different muscles at the same time. Training the same muscle in a different way, while maintaining high aerobic activity.

Cross training is very popular and in vogue. It involves the entire body and is simple to use for training at home. It can offer intense training sessions, increasingly used by professional athletes for perfecting their performance.

Home training evolves, techniques vary, new equipment appears

...and losing weight before summer has never been easier!

Technogym Synchro Forma is the equipment for getting back in shape by training the muscles of the arms and legs.

Synchro Forma is the professional cross trainer perfect for simple, total body training. The fluidity of movement reduces joint and muscle stress, making it ideal for losing weight, toning and improving coordination.
The Synchro Forma cross trainer is therefore perfect for simple but total body training in safety. The movement does not require sitting. The load on the legs is much lower than for running. Training at home with a cross trainer allows intense and long training sessions. Without risking too much joint impact.

Synchro Forma is ideal for losing weight, toning and improving aerobic capacity. Synchro Forma exercise differs according to the grip:

  • the central handles allow you to concentrate on the lower part of the body;
  • the mobile handles allow the muscles of the arms, legs and trunk to be involved.

Synchro Forma is suitable both for professional and domestic use. It allows simple and effective cardio exercise


  • Set the resistance to moderate effort. Keep it up for 10 minutes;
  • Set the resistance to a hard level of effort. Try to keep it up for one minute. Use your arms as well and give it maximum effort for one minute;
  • Reset the resistance to the minimum level for two minutes.
  • Repeat the exercise for one minute at the previous level. Repeat two or three times;

This is an excellent general aerobic or strength workout for both the arms and legs.

get toned technogym

Exercises with a Multifunctional Bench to Lose Weight

Running and cycling are great for burning off calories and losing weight, but you also need to tone your muscles with some weight and resistance training. Swapping between aerobic and other forms of exercise also allows your body to rest and recover while providing extra interest to keep you motivated. You can use the Technogym Bench for weight loss alongside your treadmill and exercise bike. An adjustable bench press works with you when you're doing barbell and dumbbell workouts.

You can set the backrest and seat to suit your size and weight while its ergonomic shape ensures your body is supported in maximum comfort. Use your bench press to follow a strength training program that works all your muscle groups. By working your body hard in this way, you're firing up your metabolism. When you do this regularly, that persistent belly fat will start to disappear.


The entire Forma range is designed for technological and interactive training. Each device allows continual monitoring of all your progress. Monitoring your performance in particular.

The CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) system allows you to follow your heart. Speed and resistance can be adjusted. For ever safe and efficient training.

With all products in the Forma range you can set the desired type of training directly from the screen. TECHNOGYM has designed Bluetooth Forma Training Link. By connecting the tablet to the device you can monitor your training data at home. By downloading the Forma Training App you will always be able to train at home simply and naturally.

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