Fitness Boutique: a winning model

Today's Fitness Boutiques are becoming winning business models, through studios and specialised centres increasingly dedicated to customising the services offered for customers.
Fitness operators today are facing increasingly demanding, informed and connected customers. And customisation is definitely a main requirement.
In the past entering a store and being cordially greeted by name was the ultimate in customisation. Today's customers are more evolved but at the basis of the gratification is still the feeling of being treated differently from others, from being recognised as unique.
Even the experience of fitness centres can and must be this way to be successful and competitive.
From this point of view, the phenomenon of Fitness Boutiques is increasingly emerging, or rather small centres characterized by the high customization of customer service.
An opportunity for personal trainers and instructors, but also for owners of larger centres who want to offer a different proposal to their users. Fitness boutiques lend themselves to various formats (together with professionals, joint stock companies, club activities).

The strategy

In order to create a Fitness Boutique, it is necessary to start from a clear marketing strategy supported by a specific business plan, taking into account topics such as bookings and cancellations, information and registrations. Nothing should be left to chance. We also need to think about retention actions aimed at building customer loyalty.

The sale

In an era of web-based conversations and apps based on user reviews, making your services live is essential: "Try before you buy" the motto of experiential marketing.

Word of mouth of test customers attracts other potential users.

In the first approach with future customers, the need analysis phase is also crucial. We must understand what has led the person to experience our Fitness Boutique and propose an ad hoc path. We will not talk about the price list but about the experiential value that we are offering: customers not only purchase the product or service but also the experience that they can draw from it. We know that consumers are not rational in their purchasing choices but are also motivated by emotional factors. Customers are always looking for engaging and personalised shopping and consumption experiences.
In a Fitness Boutique, the relationship between operators and users becomes one-to-one and tailor-made. Everything can contribute to the customisation: the customer's welcome, the proposal of personalised contents on the tools, the offer of various comforts in the dressing room (perfume items chosen according to the customer's preference, a particular type of music broadcast and other forms of involvement).

Communication of a Fitness Boutique

Just as important is how we communicate the experience of the Fitness Boutique. It is necessary to identify the soul of one's own brand and translate it into the various communication tools. The brand is our identity as a company, with the values, mission and philosophy that follow. Communication, both offline and online, must reflect this and do so in a coordinated way.

A website, a leaflet, a gadget must all speak a single language determined by the brand because they are the various touch points with which our customers, and potential customers, come into contact with us. It's what you can feel, touch and see: it's all part of experiential marketing.


There are many activities, some are complex and we can't afford to waste time and investments: it is necessary to prepare an accurate programming maybe using a Gantt chart diagram: in this model we will insert the various activities identifying for each one the contact person and the duration.

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