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Extreme hotels

The hotelling world is experiencing a true creative renaissance. Among fully automated hotels and structures sewn on the needs of the customer, another frontier that is recently catching on is that of extreme hotels. Adding to the elegance of the structure and the accuracy of the service some clever storytelling is a winning strategy in the hotel industry. In the last period more than ever: there are more and more entrepreneurs in the sector who create their own structures inside recovery buildings or in places that are inaccessible to most people, entertaining their guests with stories of the legendary deeds that took place between those walls, turning to be mini museums if necessary.

New trends of unique hotels

However, the ideal is to make guests live a real adventure, as extreme as possible and far from everyday life (and consequently also from any human community). And if we add a good dose of luxury and exclusivity to the extreme component, we get a mix of unique experiences in the world.

The chilling charm of the north

Despite hotels built in authentic igloos or on the highest slopes are nothing new, they are always very exclusive destinations. An example is the LEAPrus 3912 hotel, which rises on the southern glacier of Mount Elbrus, in the Russian Caucasus, and which owes its name to those 4000 meters of altitude which it lies upon.
If your main wish is to avoid dealing with other human beings for a while, Norway has the solution for you: Fordypningsrommet, a beautiful and unpronounceable hotel located on an island above the Arctic Circle, in the Fleinvær archipelago. Far from modern hotel standards, it was founded by Norwegian musician Håvard Lund in 2014 exclusively for other artists like him, who needed much solitude and silence to create.
Since then it has welcomed not only restless painters but also vacationers tired of the western routine. With its four sleeping cabins (for a total of 12 guests), a kitchen, a bathroom, a sauna, a pier, an artists' studio and a raised and windowed structure made only for the purpose of having a place to sit and reflect. If you can count on some artistic talent, you will be labeled as "artist in residence" and get free week at the Lund complex, otherwise the weekly rate will be $3600.
It is not, of course, a very easy structure to reach: once you arrive in Oslo, you will need to take a flight to the coastal city of Bodø and from there a ferry that will take you in an hour to an island that has no trace of roads, shops, cars, or other signs of human life.
Guests must bring their own food supplies, but if necessary they can count on the help of a staff member who will provide occasional supplies in the city or prepare the sauna. The full-height windows of the cabins allow you to enjoy the view of a pristine sky kindled with some luck by Northern Lights. Furthermore, unless you are intent on creating works of art, you can pleasantly indulge yourself with a walk on the banks of West Fjord, with excursions to nearby islands or with simple birdwatching.

Adventures in Arab deserts

If the cold is not extreme enough for you, perhaps an experience in the scorching heat of the Middle Eastern deserts may be the right solution. Fortunately, there are many possible solutions, all in the name of adventure and luxury.
Qasr at Anantara's Sarab Desert Resort is located on the edge of the largest uninterrupted stretch of sand in the world, near the Liwa Oasis, about two hours' drive from Abu Dhabi. Such a surprising scenario was also used as the location of Star Wars: The Force awakens. And in this breathtaking landscape you'll have the opportunity to go camel trekking, desert hiking, cycling and dune bashing, as well as doing archery and morning walks on Land Rover to watch the sunrise.
To continue your Lawrence of Arabia’s adventures, in the middle of the Egyptian desert there is an eco-lodge called Adrère Amellal, completely without electricity and where there is a ban on bringing mobile phones, at least outside your rooms. You’ll be basically time travelling, as it seems almost the set of a mythical film of the ninety fifties.
And yet they are not the most inaccessible, on the margins of civilization and for this very reason enchanting accommodations that you can find.

Midair in the skies of the Andes

Sleeping literally suspended hundreds of feet above the ground is probably one of the most extreme fantasies one can have. This is exactly what Skylodge Adventure Suites offers, an overnight service offered by the travel company Nature Vive: almost completely transparent capsules suspended at almost 400 meters in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru.
It takes a rather bold hike on the climbing path or about an hour and a half by cable car to reach the three capsules, made of aerospace aluminium and glass resistant to extreme weather conditions, 7 meters long and 2.4 meters high, each with 4 beds, a dining area and a bathroom. Travel offers starting at almost €400 per night also include a gourmet breakfast and dinner with wine, as well as a professional bilingual guide to support guests during travel and arrival.
Once placed in their pod, guests will have the rare opportunity to enjoy a 300° view of the entire valley, to fall asleep among the stars and condor nests and wake up with a great breakfast (according to countless enthusiastic reviews online) before getting back on track.

For those who want more than a sea view room

For those who suffer from vertigo or simply prefer the silence of the ocean, on the island of Pemba, off the east coast of Africa, the extraordinary Manta Resort awaits you. The resort has a kind of floating island of three floors with a bedroom fully underwater. If a dining experience under the sea is what entices you instead, the Conrad Maldives, which can only be reached by a seaplane, has even an extremely charming restaurant.

Why sleep in a simple hotel room, when you can sleep in one that’s

Finally, if you think that the tropical coasts of the Indian Ocean are a cliché, the Frying Pan Tower could be the ideal solution: a coast guard station located about 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina, purchased in 2010 at a government-sponsored auction and transformed into an adventurous bed & breakfast by computer engineer Richard Neal. Together with his wife, children and several volunteers, Neal spent about two years renovating the electrical and plumbing systems, trying to make the austere accommodation as hospitable as possible and in full maritime style. Impossible to see from the mainland, among the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic, and complete with a heliport of 24 square meters, the Frying Pan Tower now consists of eight bedrooms, plus the additional crew room - usually for Neal and some members of his family.
The tower has two large tanks with over 40,000 liters of water recovered from storms and is powered by solar panels, although it can also count on a small emergency generator. Most guests prefer to eat their own food, and seem to feel comfortable walking between the bridges and catwalks located almost 30 meters high. "Very comfortable", as described by more than one visitor. To get there you can rent either a helicopter or a boat in Southport. or arrive directly with your own, but once you arrive you can enjoy the incredible clear sky of the ocean, the rumble of the waves, and do a variety of fun daytime activities such as shooting (with plates strictly biodegradable clay), snorkeling and diving in the waters of the coral reef. Alternatively, you can also play billiards or even golf with balls made of fish food.
The station remains open even during the hurricane season: Neal and three of his children were in the Tower during Hurricane Arthur, when some solar panels and a window were swept away by the winds that were blowing at over 180 km/h, but the proud owner of the bed & breakfast, in this regard, reported roughly what his guests usually say, that he had barely felt "a slight swing".

It's an adventure, but it's safe and we can absolutely get away with it. Sure, it's not a Disneyland ride.

The doors are wide open for pioneers of these brand new luxury hotels: whether you feel like desert princes or explorers in the northern ice, avant-garde, creative, and above all exclusive facilities await you, to make you live those experiences that you have only found in the pages of your favourite adventure books.

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