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The Engine Room: SKILLROW brings indoor rowing to the boutique market

Step inside The Engine Room and you’ll see every detail of this boutique’s aesthetic has been chosen to deliver wow-factor. 16 Technogym SKILLROW machines form the centrepiece of London’s stunning new concept boutique in Regent’s Park. It’s the first boutique to take the indoor rowing concept and turn it into an immersive, data-driven experience focused on improving physical performance.

World-Class Partners

The Engine Room is founded by Chris Heron, who took over the Grade II listed building and chose “world-class partners” to bring his vision of a best-in-class indoor rowing experience to life. Technogym supplied the SKILLROW rowing machines and customer app, lighting was designed by The Light Lab, and design by Bergman Interiors. Chris’s choice of partners for the project helped him create a truly high-end, unique facility with an intensely immersive environment and luxe, welcoming feel.

Chris Heron

I came from a body transformation background, I’ll admit I never thought group exercise was effective. That all changed when I saw what the SKILLROW machines could do, the data they generated, and how this could provide a fitness experience based on results.

Since The Engine Room launched it has become an immediate hit with beginner rowers and more experienced athletes drawn to the smart use of data and technology.

SKILLROW: data-driven fitness results

The Engine Room concept had to be built around integrity to results,” says Chris. “I wanted to help people improve their performance with data, not just through anecdotal responses. Once I started to see the value of group exercise for fitness, the question was how to make it commercial. SKILLROW was the lightbulb moment. This was how we could commercialise our idea, and stay true to our integrity with training. SKILLROW ticked all the boxes. It allowed us to create something cool, edgy, and new, which lets customers use data to enjoy seeing a return on their investment.

An Immersive Customer Experience

The Engine Room has its own app - powered by Technogym’s mywellness platform - which lets participants capture workout data and the results of their Tanita body composition tests. The app links to third-party apps, so members can keep all their lifestyle stats in one place.

People love being able to track their data and see changes happen, having the SKILLROW machines, the big screen, and out app helps differentiate our offering and add even more value to our customers.

The Engine Room Concept

ROW 101 class introduce people to the fundamentals of rowing, including rhythm and movement patterns. A big part of this is feeling a connection to the machine. BEATS classes combine time on the SKILLROW with floor work using functional products from our SKILLTOOLS range. BREATHE classes focus on improving performance using different metrics. The SKILLROW machines hook up to the Technogym app to record user data. This creates a highly individualised experience which keeps customers motivated and engaged.

Everything we do here has to be world class,” Chris explains. “Our space is big, and we haven’t over-crowded it, so there’s enough room to get into training properly and never feel rushed. We want people to become better human beings through rowing, see the benefits of exercise, and feel empowered. The Engine Room is where people are having fun with their training!

Taking Rowing To The Next Level

The first time I got on a SKILLROW, I fell in love with it, the more I learned about the research and development, the more impressed I was by what the kit can do. SKILLROW takes rowing to a new level - and that’s what we do here.

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