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Post-workout dishes: how to replenish and what to eat

After every workout, our body needs to properly recover the energy used, regardless of the type of activity carried out. Whether it's a race or a strength workout, we have to replenish with quality protein and carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates are used to replenish energy reserves, while proteins are used to prevent muscle degeneration and stimulate muscle synthesis. In this regard, unlike pre-workout meal suggestions, you can choose carbohydrates even with a slightly higher glycemic index, since we do not need a gradual release of energy, but rather an instantaneous boost.
In order to make it brief, our muscles literally worn out during training and rebuild themselves in the next resting phase: by eating the right amount of protein, we facilitate this process.
A delicious and complete recipe for a post-workout meal can be a piece of salmon, baked in the oven without adding more fat than the good ones (such as Omega 3) it already contains.
We add a winning combination of sweet potatoes and lentils, which together provide the right amount of protein. We have chosen the sweet potato because, contrary to what we think, it is not a real tuber, but a tuberose root that therefore contains the correct intake of carbohydrates and proteins.

Post-Workout Recipe

Ricetta post-workout salmone

2 servings
Preparation time: 30 minutes

200-220 gr
Sweet potatoes
150 gr
Precooked red lentils
300 gr



Drain some of the lentils from their liquid and dry well, season with oil, salt and pepper, and dry in the oven at 190° for about half an hour;

Boil the sweet potatoes;

Prepare a fried onion, then add the lentils, soak with vegetable broth and cook for 10 minutes;

Blend the potatoes together to make a purée;

Season salmon with a little oil, salt, pepper, thyme and oregano;

Bake in the oven at 190° for about 10 minutes;

Place the purée at the base, lie on top of the salmon steak and complete the dish with crispy lentils.

The expert's advice
The dish in question is not intended as a snack to totally replenish your body post workout but just as a dish to eat at the main meal after training.
What to assume at the end of a workout is of paramount importance for both immediate recovery and the long-term effectiveness of your workout plan. The quality and quantity of food taken depends on the type and duration of training.

After an intense session of strength training, to maximize the reconstruction and construction of muscle tissue it is recommended to consume a protein snack. After an aerobic workout, however, the intake of food depends on the type of activity performed, the duration and intensity of the exercise and what was eaten first of the workout.

lenticchie e salmone post-workout

What is the best time to eat after completing an aerobic workout?

At the end of a workout it is always best to take the combination of carbohydrates and proteins in different percentages depending on duration and intensity.
If the training duration has been less than 30 minutes and moderate intensity, it is likely that not all the muscular glycogen stocks have been consumed and it is therefore not essential to take carbohydrates. If, on the other hand, aerobic training has been particularly intense and long, it is essential to eat in the 45-6th minutes from the end of training to rebuild your muscular glycogen supply. If you have not been fed in the 4-6 hours prior to training, you should take the protein and carbohydrate combination (1 to 3) at the end of the workout.
If the workout has been particularly intense, as in a HIIT session that alternates high intensity exercises with low intensity active resting moments, you burn more calories compared to workouts of the same duration at constant intensity. What also increases is the amount of calories that continue to burn once the workout is finished (EPOC -excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). For this reason, it is generally necessary to take more calories at the end of HIIT sessions.

Don't forget that with aerobic training you lose a lot of fluid, so it is essential to replenish with several glasses of water what you have lost perspiring. If you had not hydrated before training, you will certainly need to drink more.

timo e condimenti
If the session has been particularly long, several hours long, it is essential to integrate liquids immediately. Sports drinks with electrolytes are useful and help replenish lost sodium with sweat. In general, it can be said that you need to drink about ½ litre of water per kg of lost body weight.
Food intake must always include a combination of protein and carbohydrates, always in the ratio of one to three.

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