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Technogym launches three cutting-edge developments for operators at Innovation Outlook 2020

Global situation can’t stand in the way of progress, as Technogym demonstrated as they took their annual Innovation Outlook to a virtual platform. Technogym Live, Mywellness app 5.0, and the new Excite Live line are the latest innovations to emerge from the Technogym Village in Italy.

Technogym President and founder Nerio Alessandri hosted the online event from Technogym Village Italy, as he unveiled the latest developments and innovations to come out of the fitness company’s Research & Development department and Design Centre.

Precision training: the future of fitness and Wellness

The way consumers engage with content has changed. End users are looking for highly-personalised content and a variety of training ideas. Although equipment is always at the centre of the training experience, the focus is on content. With barriers to entry removed and creators flooding the popular content platforms, we want to help you stand out by providing relevant, quality content to your members.

Technogym is pushing forward by combining the best equipment, with the signature Technogym design, durability, and biomechanics, with really engaging, pro-level content. We call this precision training.

Nerio Alessandri went on to reveal Technogym’s new concept, designed to give the end user an engaging and personalised training experience whether they are at home, in the gym, or on the go.

Technogym Live: boost engagement with personalised, relevant content

The first product to be launched was the hotly-anticipated Technogym Live user interface, which has been completely designed to meet the needs of your current and future members.

A first for the fitness industry, Technogym Live allows you to deliver an on-demand user experience with aggregated content. The end user can engage with Technogym Live via their Technogym cardio equipment, in your studios, through their app, or on any digital device.

Technogym has a vast content library, and operators will have the option to produce their own content tailored for members. This means operators can deliver fresh content that is highly relevant, always engaging, and contributes to a personalised training experience for every user.

Another first is Technogym Coach – the first AI application in a fitness setting. Technogym Coach further personalises the end user experience by managing the member’s data so it can suggest tailored training and workouts delivered by the best talent in the business. This can include technical advice, drills, or workouts for a specific target like workload, distance, duration, calories, or heart-rate. Members can opt to do their cardio “outdoors” against awe-inspiring backdrops including Caribbean beaches, famous cities, and beautiful landscapes.

All this is available to users via Technogym’s new cardio equipment console with a patented design.

Your members won’t have to think up their own sessions or second-guess their choices – Technogym Coach does it for them.

This  strange situation has pushed all to redesign the business models. Technogym Live is ideal for forward-thinking operators, in particular those with Mywellness cloud. It’s just one example of how we are innovating to help you evolve, by offering extra services to keep members engaged.

Mywellness app 5.0: a new era of connectivity 

The newest version of the popular Technogym Mywellness app allows operators to assess customer needs, gather business intelligence, challenge and coach members, and deliver fantastic workouts and programming.

Mywellness 5.0 is our most exciting version of the app yet”, said Nerio Alessandri, “but I’d like to draw your attention to two new additions in particular. Operators can stream their own content directly to members, live or on demand, engaging the end user like never before. Or they can give members the option to pick from one of many programmes in the Technogym content library. Mywellness 5.0 has lots of new features, but it’s all focused around this variety of training experience for members.

Mywellness 5.0 keeps members connected to their own data, to others, and to your facility wherever they are. This enables them to train outside the four walls of your site without becoming disengaged with your brand – a hugely important factor in a changed world.

With Technogym’s Mywellness app 5.0, you can deliver an unparalleled user experiences anywhere, live-streaming classes your way and interacting with members before and after class. Mywellness helps you build loyalty by creating a community even when members are not together in your facility.

New Excite Live line: an inspiring training experience for all users

The final innovation to be revealed at Innovation Outlook 2020 was the new Technogym Excite Live line of cardio equipment, which makes training more fun and effective with its myriad workouts and entertainment options.

“With the Excite Live line we went back to the concept of a precision training experience”, said Nerio Alessandri. Technogym has always been synonymous with innovation, and here we have created a line of equipment that takes into account every age, fitness level, and goal.

The Excite line will change the way we all train.

The Technogym Excite Live line fulfils four key goals:

  • Tailored training: Technogym’s precision training helps every user reach their target. The fast track control is easy to use, and the swift pad is for those who want an even more precise training experience
  • Connectivity: Users can connect their personal device so the Excite Live equipment turns into a personalized bit of kit, loading the member’s workouts and most relevant content.
  • Space Savvy: Excite Live equipment is versatile and precise for every individual, and offers operators the best ratio between footprint and training space (taking up 30% less floorspace).
  • Eco Friendly: possibility to choose a fully connected range with LCD touchscreen that is human powered and doesn’t need any power or batteries to operate.
Hero highlights of the Excite Live range are the new Excite Live Run which delivers all the content the user could want via the console, and plenty of workouts to choose from including Technogym Sessions, Routines, and Outdoors.

The New Excite Live Synchro has an adjustable ramp, offering the longest stride on the market, combining upper and lower body to feel like jogging.

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