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Salone del Mobile 2019 and Design Week: Milan the centre of design

Once again at the centre of global attention, the Salone del Mobile is preparing for its 58th edition. In the myriad of presentations, happenings and celebrations that take place in the city this week, we have selected some that we advise you not to miss. From Tuesday 9 to Sunday 14 April, the International Furniture Fair and the Fuorisalone will start once again, with an ever-growing calendar during the Design Week, invading the spaces of the Fiera di Milano and the entire capital of Lombardy as every year.

In the city, for a whole week, re-explodes, as usual, the love - sometimes temporary, due to the euphoria of the diaries where cocktails and parties appear - for objects and installations of design of any shape, material, use and size. Whether you love it or not, we must acknowledge the great merit of this event, which in a few years has become one of the most important in the world in its field, and of having transformed Milan into a huge stage, where a multitude of events are mixed with a special and unique energy for the entire Design Week.

Technogym Personal Line at Milan Design Week

At Design Week 2019 Technogym will be present with the Personal Line: the result of a collaboration with the designer Antonio Citterio. A perfect synthesis of style, cutting-edge technology and materials.
The Personal Line is a true icon of Wellness because it expresses the best of the combination of Technogym's thirty years of experience in design and extraordinary craftsmanship of form and design. The cardio and functional range is represented by five iconic products.
Run Personal
Run Personal: the treadmill designed for those who want to train in a professional and fun way at the same time, a perfect synthesis of cutting-edge technology and functionality. It boasts an inimitable design and highly precious and elegant materials, never used before in a fitness equipment.
Cross Personal
Cross Personal is the latest addition to the line and is suitable for training everyone, whether they are beginners or professional athletes. It is a cross trainer equipped with UNITY console for personalized entertainment experiences. The elliptical movement is fluid and extremely suitable for burning calories, thanks to the combined action of arms and legs that work during a multisensory experience.
Recline Personal
Recline Personal is the perfect combination of high-end design and ergonomics. From the latter point of view, the seat is extremely innovative: both the seat and the backrest have been designed in collaboration with Vitra and reproduce the style and performance of their new ID Chair from the Swiss company. Recline has also received the Red Dot Design "Best of the Best" Award in the product category.
Power Personal
Power Personal offers over three hundred exercises for strength training with handlebars and barbell or free-body. The most important tool is also an upgrade kit that allows you to perform suspension training exercises and exercises with elastic bands. The essential design and finishes of the Rack and Bench are meticulously crafted, further enhancing the training experience.
Kinesis Personal
Kinesis Personal, on the other hand, launches gentle gymnastics, crossing the threshold of a new era of home fitness and wellness training. A furnishing item, but also a piece of art, Kinesis integrates perfectly with any environment and allows you to perform over two hundred exercises occupying less than a square meter of space. Thanks to the international Fullgravity patent, it is an authentic example of Made in Italy innovation. With Kinesis, man returns to being at the centre of the system: he can train body and mind and therefore strength, flexibility and balance.

The events of the Milano Design Week

Nella miriade di presentazioni, happening e celebrazioni che prendono possesso della città durante la Design Week, ecco alcune che vi consigliamo di non perdere.

SUPERDESIGN SHOW: design, innovation and tradition

The Fuorisalone was born right here and, even for this reason alone, the stage is, to say the least, obligatory. Superstudio, with its 13000 square meters of exhibition space, is one of the most popular and visited destinations of Milan Design Week and is approaching its twentieth year of age renewing itself completely. With the event SUPERDESIGN SHOW will codify the latest trends and the most significant proposals with a research work that lasts all year round and that has no setbacks. Gisella Borioli's project with art director Giulio Cappellini will focus on the theme "Innovation&Tradition". A format that this year will give voice to the world of design but also of automotive. And again, immaterial art exhibitions, 3D software, fabrics, hotels and outdoor.

Armani Silos, Zona Tortona

During the Design Week and on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, Giorgio Armani will inaugurate the first exhibition dedicated to architecture in the spaces of Armani Silos. "The Challenge" traces Tadao Ando's career through his most significant works. The narrative path revolves around four main themes: "Dialogues with history, Primitive forms of space, Genesis of the landscape, An urban challenge". In the retrospective, which will remain visible until July 28, more than fifty projects, illustrated by sketches, original models, video installations, technical drawings, travel notebooks and photographs taken by the seventy-seven-year-old architect of the Rising Sun.

Bagni Misteriosi, Porta Romana

One of the most fascinating places in the city will also be one of the coolest places of this Design Week. Interaction, freedom and research are the key words of "Immersione Libera", a collective exhibition curated by Giovanni Paolin, scheduled until May 18 in the spaces of the Palazzina dei Bagni Misteriosi. Realised in collaboration with Associazione Pier Lombardo, Galleria Continua and Teatro Franco Parenti, the exhibition was supported by the entrepreneur and collector Marina Nissim, in order to promote emerging artists. The exhibition will not follow a single thread but will embrace a wide range of proposals that will range between different languages, materials and techniques. All the works have been designed to blend with the surrounding environments and encourage the involvement of the spectators. The pool, on the other hand, now a symbol of Milan's recovery of abandoned places, will be the backdrop to the installations curated by Mosca Partners with "Around the water", a journey of discovery of Italian and Swedish design.

Floristeria, Isola-Farini

After the enormous success of last year, Floristeria left the rooftop area Ventura and settled at the Fabbrica del Vapore. In the courtyard transformed into a green lung and in the Cathedral it will propose events, design exhibitions, artists' performances, workshops and exchange moments that will rotate within the theme "Tierra Viva", to expose reflections on the future of our planet developing a sustainable consciousness on a global scale. Every evening during the Design Week, in addition, DJ sets, music and parties. From 11 to 14 April Floristeria will also be at Terrazza Martini.

Ibrahim Mahama, Porta Venezia

During the Design Week, Porta Venezia will change its appearance: the two neoclassical Milanese Caselli, once the eastern gate of the city, will appear covered with two huge jute sheets. This is the installation by the Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama entitled "A friend", supported and promoted by the Trussardi Foundation and which will remain visible until April 14. Mahama has created an installation on an urban scale that entirely involves a symbolic place of the city: for centuries Porta Venezia was for Milan the gateway to the East, marking the boundary that bounded the urban territory with respect to the countryside, a place that historically has helped to define the topography of Milan and the relationship between the city and the outside world.

Botanical Garden, Brera

The exhibition "Human Spaces" will be divided into three urban venues, in which more than thirty experimental installations will be presented. One of the most significant will be "The Circular Garden" and was created by the international design and innovation studio CRA - Carlo Ratti Associati for Eni, at the Botanical Garden of Brera. Visitors during the Design Week will be invited to explore new applications of the circular economy in the fields of energy efficiency and mobility: four monolithic structures spread throughout the garden will experiment with the use of unusual materials for architecture, proposing a reflection on the recycling and reuse of raw materials. In fact, they have been made with the fibrous root of mushrooms, which makes them completely recyclable. At the end of the exhibition they will be dismantled and returned to the earth as a fertilizer, starting a new cycle of growth, in a completely sustainable way.

Stecca 3.0, Isola

Technological installations will be present at Stecca 3.0, a multifunctional centre designed by Stefano Boeri, surrounded by the Library of Trees and the heart of the Isola district. Here you will find the works of the architect Paola Silvia Coronel, global consultant of 3M, and Byron Trotter, product development specialist 3M, who took care of the rear window of the space. Also at Stecca 3.0 there will be numerous installations and sculptures from the "Hartwerp" project by Belgian designer Lien Van Deuren. The evocative location will also host, in these days, the first bar entirely printed in 3D by an anthropomorphic robotic system, or the 3D Printed Bar by Caracol Studio, completely made with biopolymers of natural origin.

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