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Technogym and National Chamber of Italian Fashion: fashion chooses Wellness

Fashion, design and sustainability are now inextricably linked. This is also demonstrated by the CNMI Principles for Sustainability published by the National Chamber for Italian Fashion in 2017, as part of its mission to develop a series of guidelines that rethink the future of fashion.

Within the framework of this interconnection, the significant partnership of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion with Technogym, Wellness Partner of the Association, is inserted, born with the ambitious goal of promoting the concept of wellness at a global level. A value that has its roots in the ancient and eternal principle of mens sana in corpore sano, a profoundly Italian lifestyle.

For Technogym, sustainability goes beyond the meaning of the environment and focuses above all on people's health. Moreover, during the Green Carpet Award, a reference event dedicated to the promotion of sustainability in the fashion sector, Nerio Alessandri, President and Founder of Technogym, presented a special award to Elle Macpherson, unanimously recognised as the ambassador of health and wellness in fashion. The relationship between fashion and sustainability is perfectly forms the union that goes from looking good to feeling good, going beyond the hedonistic vision and purely linked to the image.
Nerio awards the Green Carpet Award to Elle McPherson

An example of sustainable design

The Technogym Village is part of the Wellness Valley project, built in 2002 from the mind of Nerio Alessandri, CEO and Founder of Technogym, which started with the enhancement of the territory and the excellence of Romagna. This is also reflected in the design of the Village: the architectural structures are inspired by the hills and waves of the sea and the reference to nature is evident in the choice of materials used: wood, glass and steel.
Eco-sustainability also means reusability, so every cubic metre has been reused with the creation of natural barriers running for about 800 metres along the motorway front. The effect is twofold: visual, because it recreates the soft lines of the hills; practical, because it allows natural sound insulation from the noise of the motorway.

Personal line, between design and sustainability

Antonio Citterio has collaborated with Technogym on the creation of the Personal Line, a line of fitness training equipment entirely focused on the enhancement of shapes and harmony of different materials. Cross Personal is the innovative elliptical trainer of the Personal line, and is suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced athletes. Run Personal, the perfect synthesis of cutting-edge technology and functionality and the result of research into precious and elegant materials, is also the main focus of the fashion film "Be ready", produced by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion on the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week in September 2018. Recline Personal, awarded with the Red Dot Design Awards "Best of the Best", represents the perfect combination of high level design and functionality. Finally there is Kinesis Personal, a design piece of furniture, a piece of art, designed to allow coordinated movements using resistance and for training strength, flexibility and balance.

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