Coorie: a breath of Scottish fresh air in your daily life

How do you picture a perfect moment during the cold seasons?

To many, nothing is better than the sound of a fire crackling in the distance, the smell of cinnamon permeating the air of a dimly lit room, or the feeling of warmth from a pumpkin soup or hot beverage - perhaps as we are wrapped in a woollen blanket and we gently start to doze off.
Coorie - intimacy and adventure
In the world of social media, this whole image of cosiness and relaxation has been often associated with one simple Danish word - “hygge” (pronounced hoo-gah). Like many cultural specific concepts, hygge is quite impossible to translate. However, as countless books already have, it can be explained as that feeling of contentment we have when we enjoy the simple things of life, like a cup of coffee with a friend or a nice book in our bedroom while the rain taps on the window.
Hygge - relaxing with friends
As comforting as hygge may sound, have you ever wondered, perhaps while covered with duvets and with a book in our hand, how venturing outside to witness the quietness of nature in awe and to feel the crisp autumnal air on your face may make you feel? In case you have, then coorie may be the right answer for your craving of nature in the colder seasons.

What is Coorie?

In her recent book “The Art of Coorie: How to Live Happy the Scottish Way”, Gabriella Bennet describes coorie as “a feeling of cool, contemporary Caledonia”. In other words, coorie, a Scottish word traditionally meaning “to snuggle” or “to cuddle”, may very well be considered as the Scottish version of the Danish hygge, a concept that has been popularised quite recently, but rooted in very old traditions.
Autumnal landscape in the Scottish Highlands
The major difference between hygge and coorie is the relationship these two concepts have with nature. While hygge keeps it at the background of its experience, coorie wholeheartedly embraces it.

Coorie is more than simply being cosy. Sure, it’s linked, but it’s also about working out how to be in tune with our surroundings to evoke that feeling. Gabriella Bennet

Stroll lazily in an autumnal forest and gaze at the colours of the autumn; go for a hike to a lake hidden from plain sight and – if you are brave and equipped enough – dive in and take a quick swim; start jogging on the crest of a hill at the crack of dawn and see the morning mist fade away. Only then, you can go back to the cosy comfort of your home and enjoy the warm feeling of a steaming cup of tea with biscuits, or a glass of spirit next to the fireplace.
Lose yourself in the calm of nature
In fact, the ideal coorie scene should be a balance between outside and home experiences. To any jogging session in the woods, there should be a cinnamon spiced bowl of porridge waiting for you at home. coorie is the perfect blend of elements that create the concept of Wellness: outdoor physical experience, rich and tasty food and positive mental attitude, a collection of moments that you can treasure for yourself or share with your close ones.

A feeling of cool, contemporary Caledonia

The nice thing about coorie, despite its heavily Scottish roots, is that you don’t necessarily have to be in the Highlands to experience it. To find your coorie, what you need is just the right attitude.
Autumn forest and coorie
You’ll find out that even stopping by the park that you see as you go to work may emanate those fuzzy warm feelings of coorie. Furthermore, it will prompt you to venture beyond your usual routes, to explore and to always try something new, be it an unclear path in the countryside or a daily adventure in that forest you have always seen from the distance.

The aim of coorie is to try to lead a quieter existence where the endless pursuit of work is balanced by small pleasures

This is why this Scottish concept should be embraced as a proper lifestyle, not just as a trend that you share on Instagram from time to time. It offers an escape route to shake off some of the stress of a busy urban life and to be one with nature and your inner self. And as the weather gets colder, you will see that the warm “coorie” sensation of relaxation and inner peace will become more and more appealing.

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