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The communication campaign at the beginning of the year for a fitness centre

The communication campaign at the beginning of the year for a fitness centre can be planned in two calendar periods, allowing the organisation to test two different styles of seasonality and message.
The seasonality of most sign-ups to fitness centres, falls in September and gains strength again in January following the logic of the calendar year.
There are two important moments in the calendar to define what is technically known as the "Start of year".  Behind a communication campaign like this one there are a series of evaluations to be made year after year, experience after experience and which respond to a logic of evolution and optimization.

What do I want to communicate with my campaign in this New Year?

Updates could include course planning, an expansion or optimization of a space, new services for new targets or a new list. Regardless of the detailed content of the campaign during the communication phase, you can choose to create an emotional or evocative message to talk about the changes and/or to talk about the news with an invitation to discover the centre again. Don’t be afraid to try a different approach in terms of target and scope.

An emotional or evocative campaign can almost paradoxically not talk about the gym but of new beginnings, using an iconography that is consistent with the sector but hiring those who can visualise the beauty of the message, for the originality of creativity. A more technical campaign can emphasize functional or organizational innovations and invite you to see them and try them out for yourself. Switching between communication registers can be a correct strategy: the entrepreneur will have to deal with the commercial and technical department in order to understand the need related to the beginning of the season.

What do I want to achieve with my campaign?

In fact, it is important to understand whether, with the new visual and its traditional and web versions, we want to attract the “similar” target group [ex members, friends of members, newer subscribers who have asked for information in structure] or the target of the "sedentary" users and who are more distant to the centre’s reality.

If you want to get closer to those that seemed distant in September with the January campaign, then the positioning of the campaign, the target audiences and the vocabulary used will have to change.
Communications need to talk about feeling good and resuming normality rather than training.
They also need to talk about socialization and knowledge rather than challenges.

To maintain equilibrium, it is right to think of wanting to achieve both purposes with two different campaigns (September/January) if the centre is able to meet the expectations of both.

campagna di comunicazione di inizio anno

Which aspects of the organisation are affected by this campaign?

Tracking strategic assessments to be made by the director/entrepreneur with their internal contacts:

 - Will the campaign be linked to a different commercial promotion or promotional activity such as the delivery of a gadget or an experience in addition to the registration?
- Does the campaign include an intervention by the technical department to promote new activities?
- Does the campaign include a telephone re-call action on applicants for more information and a "dedicated" appointments agenda?
- Does the campaign provide a stronger internal contextualisation than usual during the year [the poster, traditional touch point, newsletter]?

All this must be defined to start with because the minor mechanics of the campaign in terms of tools (flyers, registration cards, exhibitors or shaped cards, gadgets) and in terms of procedures (registration, management of first appointments agendas, management of reception dedicated to the campaign) require careful evaluation. The time dedicated to the creation of the launch and the investment in economic and time terms must in fact always be related to a goal. That is a clear and definite number that sees the budget (£/h) compared to the number of subscriptions and the reconstruction of the people to be reached, contacted and activated to make sure that a beautiful idea of communication is transformed and organized to convert into sign ups.

How much time do I invest in this launch?

When to invest in terms of time is essential: if you want to activate a certain number of users, there are intermediate steps (creation of curiosity, local activities combined with web promotion, engagement via social networks, heating) that must be accounted for before the unveiling the actual campaign. So it is important to plan work every couple of months (July to September, November to January) in order not to limit the result over a short period and more importantly not to limit database growth.

How much is it inventing in economic terms?

How to invest in economic terms is a clear consequence of each step that has been previously analyzed. The type of attention to graphics, the mode of involvement of the organization, the basis of contacts to be activated to justify a real support to the business objectives of the centre for the year, the type of audience to be involved (and therefore the time required to hire it depending on the message), the type of tools and means of advertising to be chosen and opted for.
campagna di comunicazione di inizio anno centro fitness
There is a shared rule, however: if the campaign at the beginning of the year wants to communicate a strong change, it is necessary to attribute as items of expenditure all that is necessary to guarantee this impact.

The creative register and the campaign's amplification strategy can really contribute to the successful campaign: the world of fitness is a world accustomed to emulating and repeating routed mechanisms year after year. On these mechanisms, a base of constant activations is guaranteed, but it is also a world very much observed by people who are increasingly seeking innovation and involvement, who are highly active and approachable by new ways of communicating and reaching them.

However, one cannot think of entrusting the success of a campaign to the brilliance of the creative idea and engagement that underlines it: it would be wrong not to consider the ability of conversion and historical data on equal monthly pay. There can be no marketing and communication campaign for a fitness centre without defining the number of users to reach, activate and serve the counselling department to initiate commercial reception procedures.

Balancing communicative innovation with attention to organizational practices is necessary in moments such as September and January, strategic moments that determine the trends of the periods to follow. But at these moments, testing and experimentation must be activated in order to measure change.

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