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Commercial campaigns for the beginning of the year

When a year is over, we have naturally turned our attention to what we hope will be the new year. It happens to everyone, both to the users of fitness centres and to the managers of these companies. Looking to the future with confidence, new good intentions, performances to improve, goals to be achieved and challenges to overcome is essential. However, this exciting transport often makes us forget that every month and every day have a specific weight in the achievement or not of the set results and that, therefore, to start January well is the first big step in order to reach the new set of goals.
However, before starting headlong in the new year, it is good to maintain a link with years previous, pulling the sums, analyzing what worked, what brought the best results and what went less well, reassessing the performance of consultants and those closely related to commercial initiatives. The more information you get, the more you can start the new year prepared, with a commercial campaign that, rather than marking a breaking point, is the natural continuation of what began in December. Because the best campaign in January is the one that starts in December.

January, in fact, in the fitness sector, is considered a hot month, since it brings to clubs all those who in good intentions for the new year have imposed themselves to take care of themselves, enrolling in the gym. Therefore, even if January is the month of sales par excellence, in fitness centers it is not productive to promote the enrolments with the offerings to the bottom. When demand is high, the offer does not drop.

The real strategy, in fact, is to take advantage of the natural drop in attendance in the month of December to bring new potential customers closer together, making them live an exciting and motivating experience, in an engaging and pleasant environment. In practice, this means creating initiatives in December to encourage the obtainment of referrals, in organizing outdoor outreach and internal events and in taking advantage of the Christmas period on social events to collect the good intentions that can be achieved in the gym.
Aim: to reach an ever-widening slice of potential customers and bring them to get to know the club directly and to experience it.
In this way, the first month of the year is the month in which to transform into enrolments both the experiences of those who took advantage of the trial period in December and the good intentions of those who ask for information directly in January, proposing an attractive and targeted facilitation to obtain the result, rather than to lower the price.

It is therefore strategic to respond to the high motivation generated by the new year, responding to the needs of these customers who are not looking for a subscription but for a path to change and improvement. However, change and improvement are concepts that are both generic and personal, not necessarily linked always and only to aesthetics. For the achievement of the various desires of the beginning of the year, it is important to communicate well the importance of being followed by professionals of movement, nutrition and well-being, figures able to build personalised paths and integrated with everything that can be included in a wider concept of wellness, understood in all its meanings: physical and mental.

Different promotions for different needs

For the user who aspires to a better physical form, January is the time to start to engage seriously, setting as his first goal the goal to get into the summer beach wear test without remorse. In these cases, it is useful to encourage enrolment through the promotion of "secondary" services that are essential here: personal training, nutritionist, aquafitness, special courses, beauty area, etc.
For the user who instead aims to achieve a better mental condition, by discharging daily stress and recharging energy, the first objective can be set in proposing a medium-term improvement by measuring some stress measurement parameters (pressure, muscle tension, hours of sleep). Even in this case, the subscription alone would be reductive and unattractive, especially compared to the counter-proposals of the competition, which often sells subscriptions to a few euros/pounds per month. On the other hand, the proposal of an inscription that includes meetings with osteopaths, nutritionists, entry into the relaxation area, special yoga courses, etc. is winning.
Whatever the service formulas that the centre chooses to promote together with the subscription, in order to be truly strategic, they must always be translated into annual subscriptions, because otherwise most customers will register in January and then leave the centre shortly before the summer, especially in locations that are well suited to carry out outdoor activities from spring, such as lake and seaside resorts.

A good commercial campaign is one that creates a strategy

However, no strategy is such without a well-defined action plan. Including a few hours of personal trainers in your subscription, for example, only works if the personal trainer doesn't run out of it with the mere delivery of a card containing a sterile list of exercises. The strategic personal trainer creates the vision of a longer path and during the last of the promotional meetings, delivers only the exercises to be carried out in a first short period, explaining both the reasons why it is important to continue to be followed in order to carry them out effectively, and those for which it is necessary to readjust them already after a short period of time.
It is also successful to put the customer in the position of being able to choose between several variables of subscriptions/paths, which include programs and secondary services more or less intense and more or less demanding, so as to have different price ranges to be able to evaluate. In doing so, you should bear in mind which subscriptions you want to buy most. As a result, two other solutions are created, one very small in terms of content but not in terms of price - so that it is inexpensive - and one extremely rich in both services and merchandising (bag, towels, water bottle, etc.), so that it is superfluous and the customer's attention falls on top solutions.
Finally, it must always be borne in mind that for the success of a successful commercial campaign, regardless of its good content, it is essential to create a coherent and accurate communication plan at the same time. Communication must first arouse curiosity and allow the most enterprising to participate in real or virtual contests (leaving their contacts so that the club can later exploit them). Only at a later stage, and always little by little, do some aspects of the campaign unveil themselves, without ever completely outlining everything. Keeping the most important details of the commercial campaign secret (both in terms of services and prices) means that customers, in order to know them, have to go to the fitness centre and meet the consultant, who will illustrate to them the classic process provided by the sales method.

Given the importance of the content of subscriptions to be offered in January, it is increasingly evident that, in order to promote high value-added campaigns in January, it is really essential to design them already in November and prepare them in December, so as to exploit everything that the Christmas period can create in terms of visibility, anticipating the times and burning traditional competition, which, in a very predictable way, will shine on billboards and social subscriptions. That is why the strategy is not needed.

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