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Technogym launches CLUB 4.0: one club, many connected experiences

The world is rapidly changing and in every industry, including fitness and wellness, consumers are looking for engaging and personalized experiences designed around their needs, passions and aspirations.
In this scenario, Technogym has just launched the new CLUB 4.0 concept to provide industry operators with a complete range of training experience FORMATS to offer end users variety, motivation and personalization. Each format is dedicated to a specific experience – running, cycling, rowing, bootcamp, etc – and includes an ecosystem made of equipment, digital services, training programs and visual merchandising to create, inside fitness clubs, different areas (shop-in-shop style) in order to offer consumers the possibility to choose from a training experience variety based on the different passions, needs and objectives.
Skillrun Class
This new approach, that puts the end-user at the center, requires new skills and implies a completely different collaboration model between club operators, technology providers, architects and consultants. All of them will be involved to co-design new, unique and authentic experiences, from the standard one-to-one vendor-client transactional relation to a many–to-many approach.
In practice Technogym’s CLUB 4.0 means different areas within the club to offer different training experiences inspired to different sport discipline. Using specific APPs, trainers can easily and seamlessly set up fun and motivating classes and manage all aspects of a workout, from scheduling classes to music selection. Trainers can also choose specific training sessions from the library and pre-set parameters for participants to follow.
Club 4.0 leverages the mywellness digital platform and the Technogym Ecosystem that connects all Technogym products and programs. This means users can collect and access all their personal data in the same profile via a mobile app, whether they are working out during a class, on their own or on Technogym equipment in the facility, as well as outdoors.
First consumer login on Biocircuit with the help of the trainer
BIOCIRCUIT, is the new circuit training solution and method offering a personalized workout to help users to achieve their goals in a short amount of time. This guided program delivers an engaging experience that requires no adjustments or wait time, since exercises, workload, work/rest ratio and pace have been defined and integrated into personalized programs.
A training session with Biocircuit can last 30 minutes
BIOCIRCUIT offers quick and effective training that is always ready when the user is and includes everything users need for the best muscle activation. Moreover, the BIODRIVE patent, BIOCIRCUIT is the first training line offering a personalized workout in a safe, guided and effective way. Based on revolutionary aerospace technology, BIODRIVE is a motor controller that delivers a tailored workout to help users to achieve the best results in a short amount of time. BIODRIVE is the only system on the market connected with the native software of the circuit; it requires only one login and is totally customizable to the users’ needs.
SKILLRUN - the first treadmill to combine cardio and power training in a single solution designed to meet the training requirements of both elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Due to MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY (patent pending), SKILLRUN offers both cardio training and resistance workouts to enhance power.
The interactive UNITY console allows users to access a completely customized workout experience, engaging and motivating them through digital content, personalized training programs and data tracking. SKILLRUN offers the opportunity to organize engaging classes by simply selecting an existing profile from the library and monitoring each member’s performance data and compliance to class profile.
Sessione di HIIT
In addition, for the most adventurous users, operators can plan a SKILLRUN BOOTCAMP, a dynamic format that combines cardio and power training and other advanced features to enable the class to enjoy high intensity workouts that also optimize heart rate training with a wide variety of sled and parachute exercises, sprints, and acceleration and gradient changes.
SKILLROW offers the opportunity to create an immersive rowing class experience that offers participants the possibility to row either against each other or together in total synchronization like an actual crew, following the set pace and monitoring biometrics on a large screen for a truly immersive experience.
SKILLBIKE is the revolutionary stationary bike designed by Technogym that enables cyclists, triathletes and cycling enthusiasts to live the emotion and challenge of outdoor experiences in an indoor environment. Within fitness clubs, SKILLBIKE is also ideal for small group training sessions on the gym floor or in a studio environment. With SKILLBIKE trainers can offer two different yet equally engaging class experiences: Race and Performance. The SKILLBIKE professional app allows trainers to prepare the class in advance and enables seamless class management.
Skillbike class
Members of high-energy fitness clubs can also experience engaging performance-oriented classes on SKILLMILL – the only non-motorized treadmill developed by Technogym for athletic performance training. Club operators can create high intensity workouts (HIIT) on SKILLMILL offering participants a completely new way to accomplish professional sport training in a motivating environment that will turn members into peak performers.
In 2018 and 2019 Technogym presented Club 4.0 at the main trade fairs and events, specifically, FIBO and FIBO China, IHRSA and Sportec.

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