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The right moment to give yourself Wellness

What is the best time to think positive thoughts, draw energy from what surrounds us, smile and think of our Wellness?
The end of the year and winter holidays, of course. It is a period of budgets, which we can take to think about ourselves and what is most dear to us.
We could try to think about a complete lifestyle change, which might include a healthy, open and curious mental approach to everyday life.
Think again about the quality of the time you are experiencing and take stock of what you can change and how you can improve.
Eating, smiling and moving could be the new mantra for those who decide to turn to the Wellness mode: moving around, doing physical activity, training or even simply avoiding daily sedentary moments becomes the natural and simple union between a balanced and healthy diet and a positive mental attitude.

Wellness can start from here, following a few simple rules that allow you to reach a new physical and mental balance.

happy winter holidays

The positive energy of a run

Winter holidays are a great time to experience Wellness starting to be full of positivity and energy.
The most natural and healthy way to make our body and mind feel good is to run, the innate movement in human DNA. Heart and mind run together, with the same cadence as their legs. Running training means improving cardiac efficiency: the heart works more effectively, blood circulation brings oxygen and energy to every part of the body.

A run is also a workout for the brain: endorphins, chemicals that are generated in the brain during a run, increase and improve the general state of well-being. Choosing to run during the holidays is tiring but the state of positivity of the body and mind ask to do so.

With the MYRUN treadmill at home it is even simpler, more effective and safer: setting goals, achieving them and improving performance and physical condition increases self-esteem, strengthens determination, and gives the mind a workout.

Running is healthy nourishment

It's difficult to talk about diet during the holidays: we all know how difficult it is to resist the delicacies of the wafers. Even more difficult to manage guilt, thinking already about the sacrifices that will come to return to form.

The fundamental principle of the Wellness lifestyle starts from the opposite idea: drastic diets do not bring any benefit. Excessively reducing the amount of food leads only to a loss of muscle mass. For this reason, it is necessary to focus on the quality of what you eat and add a healthy and regular physical activity, while allowing yourself some justified treats at Christmas.

Cardio training, in particular running, is the most effective if the goal is to burn calories. Running on the treadmill is the first part of Wellness advice for the Christmas season: you don't have to face the winter cold, just having MYRUN, the treadmill that allows you to set goals, monitoring progress in a fun and effective way.

The rhythm against stress

Free days have a different taste, a different pace and a rhythm.
Thus the run, made for oneself, for one's own well-being, will find a precise rhythmic dimension. Regardless of the pace, the minutes dedicated to running on the treadmill can take on particular nuances.

Earphones or headphones, to disconnect your headphones from the everyday routine and immerse yourself completely in the experience; speakers instead to recreate the charge and energy throughout the house.

Thanks to MYRUN's RUNNING MUSIC it will be possible to adapt the tracks of your musical playlist to your own running rhythm. The workout experience has never been so interactive, engaging or tailor-made.

Running with the right atmosphere

The festive atmosphere is an excellent ally to regain balance and serenity, to ease tensions, free yourself from worries and stress.
Relaxed holiday times, the warmth of the house, the magic of the lights create the best anti-stress solution, the natural environment in which to live pleasant moments of relaxation. Difficult to find the will to leave the comfort of the house for an outdoor run.
With the MYRUN treadmill, you can run around the house and enjoy the festive atmosphere, completing your workout with exercises to boost strength, flexibility and muscle coordination.
As in the best of party traditions, running can also become a great moment of sharing with family and friends.

Give yourself time to pedal

Find the correct set-up, operate the pedals, start moving your feet, ankles, knees and hips simultaneously. Get up in the saddle and give your all to face a climb. Continuously monitor your power, beats and training ability. Your own resistance. This is to give yourself Wellness: the decision to give yourself time for a bike training session.
Time is precious especially for those who are always on the move.
With MyCycling you can choose the best time to train and keep fit.
MyCycling is a smart trainer that allows everyone at all levels to train as a real cyclist. MyCycling perfectly incorporates the TNT - Technogym Neuromuscular Training philosophy. Training based and structured on the cyclist's skills. In this way, you can always adjust your workout accordingly.
During the winter holidays, it is normal to find less time for long training sessions, so why not train directly at home, between an appointment with friends and a lunch.

Emotion at home as well as on the road

Panoramas, curves, terrain variation, all details that affect any pedalling experience.
Bringing these sensations home is very easy thanks to MyCycling, the resistance and ease of pedalling of the most famous routes are all collected within the MyCycling App.
Re-create the excitement of the great champions and experience their hard work directly in the living room at home, performing real workouts, just like those on the roads.

Those who love cycling know the strong emotions that come from an outdoor ride: with Mycycling you can live them at home at any time.

Tailor made training

With the Mycycling App you can monitor and improve your performances: a team of athletic trainers can guide you and suggest the best personalised training to support your motivations and reach new goals.
During the holidays, the risk of losing motivation and perseverance in training is higher, with performance feedback and ongoing support it makes achieving daily goals much easier. Relying on experienced professionals is the best way to grow day by day.

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