Luxury charter of mega yachts

Raise your hand if you have never dreamt at least once in your life to be the fortunate owner of a mega yacht, especially after looking at their lavish interiors as they are anchored on a marina, or after staring at the silhouette of these giants of the sea as they slide languidly along the horizon line.

The result should not come as a surprise. Mega yachts have been heavily glamourized by style magazines, movies and other forms of media as the symbol of wealth, a luxury that can be shown off to state one’s belonging to the upper echelons of society. Besides, mega yachts are a marvel of technology, design and elegance, usually putting on show state of the art interiors and amenities.

However, mega yachts have some shortfalls. Just like the most luxurious supercars, the barriers of technology and luxury are always pushed forward by an insatiable demand; so it may be quite easy (and frustrating), once having bought a car, to know that in the matter of months a newer model has already outclassed it. The same concept applies to yachts, the only difference being the size of the investment.

To make a quite extreme comparison, think that the Azzam, the largest mega yacht ever made and bought for a whopping 600 million USD, has “eclipsed” in terms of performance, luxury and dimensions Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse, only four years older and purchased at a price of 500 million USD.

This concept is even stronger for smaller vessels, where innovation (and therefore the rate of obsolescence of existing vessels) is faster. Furthermore, mega yachts have other restrictions, such as docking limitations for the most touristic ports or the fact that they are usually anchored for the better part of a year.

Such shortfalls however, should not scare people off from experiencing one of the most luxurious lifestyle experiences. One way to always have the best and most flexible yachting experience is through charter - the hire of a private vessel for a limited amount of time.

Private chartering, as we will see, is an excellent option to have the same feeling of yacht ownership, without all the burdens associated with its upkeep and at variable costs (which usually account for maintenance costs and extras). In fact, hiring a private vessel for a week holiday may cost as little as a few thousand dollars to as much as a million, depending on the yacht in question, the season, and the trip scheduled.

Always on the most fashionable deck

Some people may frown at the idea of renting a yacht, thinking it may not be luxurious enough or that they may not feel it like their own. However, these seem to be the minority, as chartering has never witnessed such a steady growth, especially in the more trendy areas of the Western Mediterranean, usually showing off ground for private yacht owners, such as Southern France, Costa Smeralda and the Balearic Islands.

More interestingly, customers are pushing the industry to charter always more lavish and customizable vessels, regardless of the cost. Therefore, the focus is not on getting the best deal for a given vessel, but to get the best mega yacht with the most advanced features.

Right now, the lists of yachts and mega yachts listed for charter is truly impressive, with charter companies managing billions worth of vessels. Likewise, the amount of amenities these yachts have is remarkable and always adapts to the current trends of their patrons. For example, it is not uncommon to find super yachts equipped with jet lag cabins and spas to rest the body after a lengthy travel, or staffed with masseuses, coiffeurs and Michelin star chefs. That is not to mention the staple amenities of these giants of the sea, like outdoor Jacuzzis, cinema room, games room and water sports equipment like jet skis, inflatable toys and diving gear.

Nonetheless, no trend is rising more significantly than fitness on high seas. Chartered yachts and mega yachts users are not willing to forgo their training routine while on holiday, forcing the yachting industry to adapt to their demands. Such tendency was noted when the first patrons started bringing on board their own PTs and equipment, and escalated when they explicitly requested dedicated areas for training.

Nowadays, mega yachts are being equipped with state of the art gyms and fitness corners for bodyweight and yoga exercises. Furthermore, some mega yacht owners have decided to accommodate for the needs of their chartering patrons, staffing fitness and yoga experts, who follow the training and dietary regime of their clients and offer them alternative solutions or tips.

The ideal design of mega yachts gym

These fitness facilities should be built in harmony with the design of the yacht, thus enhancing, rather than clashing with, the overall style of the vessel. That is why the highest level of artistry and quality on the equipment is needed, with only the best gym equipment included in the creation of these high seas gym.

In order to create the best gym, smart equipment are just as necessary as their smart location on the available space, to create unique spaces where one can wholly dedicate to the wellness of the mind and body.

Throughout the summer, Technogym displayed at Porto Cervo Waterfront some design solutions for private gyms, applicable also for seafaring environments. In this exclusive venue, nestled between some of the most beautiful and stylish locations for the ultra-rich, the world’s leading wellness company showed its Personal and Skill Lines, two unique lines of the finest quality.

Now, despite Waterfront closing soon and summer moving to the Southern hemisphere, Technogym will still offer its home solutions in all its stores worldwide to inspire designers and customers to create the best private gym, because wellness is not seasonal.

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