Challenge rowing champions with SKILLROW app

Rowing is a constant challenge against your limits. From the first moment get on board the boat, you know that you will have to improve your last rowing pace, time and power, and to try beating your opponents.

However, the challenge does not just stop on the water.

From the experienced rower to the very beginner, up to the athlete who integrates it into his training, the indoor rower is extremely useful and beneficial for the training of all muscle groups, as well as for improving sports performance.


SKILLROW is the indoor rower specifically designed for the needs of athletes. Its MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY allows various types of training, aimed at improving both muscular resilience and power.
Yet, any type of training without an immediate stimulus can be boring. Though music can be a good element of motivation and distraction, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your performance improve constantly thanks to effective training. That is why Technogym has developed, in combination with the use of SKILLROW, SKILLROW app, which combines multiple training modes, online challenges, real-time and post-workout data tracking.

Training with SKILLROW app

SKILLROW app expands the training spectrum of SKILLROW. For SKILLROW newcomers, there is no better way to learn the basics of rowing and to improve your technique than with the video workouts. These are proper video lessons where Technogym Master Trainers and Olympic champions such as Scott Durant explain how to perform complete training sessions aimed at improving speed, endurance, power, or your body fitness, all using the innovative technologies of SKILLROW.

SKILLROW app will make your indoor rowing training more complete and engaging.

For a more result-oriented workout, SKILLROW app offers numerous types of workouts. Starting with the traditional goal training, SKILLROW app offers many parameters the user can try out:

  • Time: suitable for those who want to improve their results on short, medium and long distances with a defined time limit.
  • Distance: suitable for stamina and speed training. Depending on the distance and the level of resistance set, the user can customize his or her rowing speed in a defined distance.
  • Repeats: indicated for power improvement. Thanks to MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY, by maximizing the resistance level on SKILLROW it is possible to explode your muscle power in a defined number of repeats.
  • Calories: suitable for those who want to improve their fitness.

The Interval Training proposed by SKILLROW app offers various possibilities of HIIT, both in terms of time and distance. For example, the Splits training monitors the maximum performance on the 500 meters distance during more repetitions, combined with active recoveries of one minute.

With Technogym Neuromuscular Training, or TNT, the user can enjoy the benefits of improved muscular activation, improved intra- and intermuscular coordination, and improved metabolic effort, through changes in cadence and rowing power. This technology, developed in collaboration with world champions such as Scott Durant, Rossano Galtarossa and Marcello Miani, allows for a real Olympic workout.

Just like in the best fitness games, each workout becomes even more engaging thanks to the digital avatar, which shows your progress on the track in real time. In addition, there is the ability to set up a guide, represented as a second boat parallel to that of the user, to keep under control your own split – the time necessary to row 500 meters. In this way, the challenge with yourself gets even more intense.

CHALLENGES, test your progress and challenge the SKILLROW community

Once you have improved your athletic performance, why not putting it to the test and challenge the SKILLROW community? SKILLROW app offers numerous challenge possibilities. In classic contests, you can challenge a member of the community over a distance ranging from 100 meters to 10 kilometres. Once you have selected your opponent, the challenge begins!

As in training, you can monitor your progress and that of your opponent in real time. Once the race is over, you will be able to see your place on the global ranking, but remember: only by beating your opponents you can climb the leader board and get to the top of the ranking.

Test your progress by participating in the races: cross the finish line and reach the best position!

In periodic challenges instead, the goal varies according to the type of challenge; however, these are challenges that last over a long period; thus, they require a much more constant effort, as well as a real game strategy.

Real-time and post-workout data tracking

SKILLROW app shows an overview of real-time data, expressed in terms of time, distance, calories, splits, resistance, MOVES, power (expressed in watts) and spm. Once you have finished your training, SKILLROW app will save your data and collect it in an intuitive graph, so that you can analyse your rowing curve and check your power, cadence, peak strength and rowing length.

Follow your national rowing team's champions to the world championships and on SKILLROW.

What better time to try out all the features of SKILLROW app than now, during the 2018 World Rowing Championships? Especially given the importance of this event, being the last trial before next year's Olympic and Paralympic qualifications in Linz, Austria. So download SKILLROW app, challenge your favourite champions' splits and find out if you are podium material!

All new features of Skillrow App 2.0

With the latest digital features in the new Skillrow App 2.0 and the Skillrow Professional App, maximize performance and improve indoor rowing training with live feedback, interactive sessions based on increasingly accurate data, and personalised workouts.

Customise your workout

Carrying out guided training is an excellent way to improve rowing, with the new features you can freely set the sequences and steps of the training, creating a session that is totally customised and tailored to the needs of each type of user and getting directions on the next phase of training.

Increasingly accurate data

With the new interface you can view the results of your training in more detail and get more accurate data. Not just your own times or average amount of rotations per minute, the app lets you know your maximum performance and information about fatigue during your workout, allowing you to improve your performance with precision and accuracy.

Results under control

Checking your heart rate during your workout is a very important aspect of evaluating your workout intensities and response to stress. With the new features, you can connect your HR belt during your workout and view your heart rate data to evaluate the intensity of your workout and get a detailed analysis of your heart rate during your session.

Improve Stamina with cadence training

Let us see how a SKILLROW app training works. The Technogym Neuromuscular Training  - TNT - 3 cadence interval aims to improve your neuromuscular performance changing the stroke rate in short interval Span. Once you have connected your phone to SKILLROW and placed it on the socket, follow the directions as displayed on the screen:

SKILLROW app to the TEST: TNT 3 cadences training

  • Warm up: 3 Minutes, free spm
  • Cadence 1: 1 minute, 18 spm
  • Cadence 2: 1 minute, 24 spm
  • Cadence 3: 1 minute, 30 spm
  • Repeat: Round 1-3 (x5)
  • Cool down: 1 minute, free spm

Total workout: 19 minutes

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