Formula 1: Carlos Sainz jr. changes team but not his fitness equipment in 2021

Carlos Sainz jr changes teams but not his equipment. Carlos Sainz jr.'s move from McLaren to Ferrari has turned the spotlight on the upcoming Formula 1 season, eagerly awaited by fans after the end of the current championship. Son of Rally Champion of the '90s Carlos Sainz, Carlos has recently signed a contract that will tie him to the Prancing Horse – Ferrari for the coming seasons and going to form together with Charles Leclerc one of the most interesting couples of the next World Championship, surely the youngest of the house of Maranello.

The historical rivalry between McLaren and Ferrari has ignited the passion of athletes over the years with memorable duels to conquer the title. Some have entered history like Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in the 1990 World Championship or, more recently, Louis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen in the 2007 World Championship, with the Finnish champion winning at the last Grand Prix with only one point of difference.

Even if in race they fight for the cup or for the grid, McLaren and Ferrari have long shared a valuable ally that supports them to face the enormous challenges that they have to face to excel race after race: exercise.

For both teams, training and wellness are an essential component to manage the enormous stress and effort that this beautiful but expensive sport brings to drivers and team members. Technogym, thanks to its vocation for equipment performance and the strong influence it has on athletes all over the world, has been chosen by historic and renowned teams such as Ferrari and McLaren to equip their fitness centres with cutting-edge solutions to the training of drivers and staff.

On the track, as well as at home, champions from all over the world train with Technogym. The best of Technogym training technology and equipment will therefore be at the service of Lando Norris, Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz jr. and Charles Leclerc, young champions of the two teams in the next Formula 1 World Championship. Carlos Sainz Jr. will find a familiar environment when he trains with equipment he knows and appreciates.

Ferrari’s teams and drivers keep fit with Technogym

Technogym is the official supplier of the Scuderia Ferrari and supports the team's drivers in athletic preparation with equipment, services and specific training solutions. In addition, at Maranello Village, the company has made available to employees and managers a gym with the most innovative machines for stretching, cardiovascular and strength training, including Skill LineFLEXabilitySelection ed Excite.

It is very important for a driver to be trained when racing. If fatigue prevails at some point, the risk is that concentration will decrease and mistakes will be made, explains Marc Gene, Ferrari Ambassador and Italian TV commentator.

Ferrari is very attentive to the well-being of its employees: we ask our engineers to take care of their bodies, to prepare themselves mentally to be relaxed and concentrated, and to do so we help them with the exclusive gym we have in the village.

In addition to the drivers, every year the team have the opportunity to carry out the traditional check-up, consisting of a series of medical examinations completed by a set of physiological and performance tests carried out using Technogym equipment, services and solutions. The check-up, managed by Formula Medicine staff and Maranello Village personal trainers, leads to the formulation of a training card dedicated to each employee.

Technogym and McLaren: on track trained with the F1 Training Machine

Technogym has equipped the McLaren’s Technology Centre in Woking, England, as well as developing and providing customised training solutions for the team's drivers. The Centre, open to all team members and employees as part of the McLaren corporate wellness programme, allows to train with the best of the Excite, Kinesis e Selection lines. Like Ferrari, McLaren recognises the importance of caring for the wellbeing of all the company's employees, not just the drivers, because a healthy and strong team also helps the drivers achieve their goals.

To work on the drivers' muscle development and prepare them to withstand forces like those of an extended driving session, Technogym has equipped the Technology Centre with a F1 Training Machine, tailored to the training of drivers. The F1 Training Machine is the only equipment that replicates the movement of the neck muscles while driving. The F1 Training Machine has become a must-have tool for the training of all drivers to prepare for the extreme conditions of a weekend race.

During races that can last up to two hours, the body of an F1 driver is subjected to unprecedented stress: at every turn at the wheel of a car at an average speed of over 240 km/h, the force applied to the driver's upper limbs reaches thousands of kilos. At the same time, during the thousands of corners taken during a Grand Prix, the gravitational force endured is prohibitive. The equipment reproduces the driving position and, in combination with a steering load system and additional equipment, trains the most stressed areas of the upper body.

Technogym wishes the drivers and teams a future of wellness and satisfaction on the tracks all over the world.

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